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Beauty Thoughts VII: Life Without Lemmings

I mentioned in the beginning of the year that I was much more into complexion products. That hasn't changed, and it's actually morphed into a greater interest in skincare rather than makeup. In a way I feel as though I'm going back to my roots, as skincare has always been my first love. 

So that's my first admission, of sorts! 

Samples & GWP's...A Reality Check...

It's that time of year again...when all the big GWP's start showing up - Nordstrom just had one (and has always has smaller ones), as has SpaceNK is coming up, not to mention the one I wait twice a year for...the Barneys Love Yourself Event. Oh, and CultBeauty should be sometime soon-ish. And those are just the ones I remember off hand, not the ones that I constantly stumble upon!! 

Beauty Thoughts VI

I've breezed through the Holiday collections more or less unscathed, which I'm very happy about!!!

Except for Tom Ford Black Out Lacquer but that's nails and doesn't count. Right. And the little Laura Mercier trio (here) because I'm almost finished (SERIOUSLY almost finished with a highlighter can we celebrate that for a sec - who cares that it's a mini ha ha!!) with the mini Matte Radiance Baked Powder in Highlight 01 - didn't want to get a full size because the packaging is really bulky for traveling and it's taken over a year to finish the mini anyway. 

Purging, Un-purging & Purging AGAIN

Not too long ago I did a big purge, which you can catch up on HERE. I sold some of it, and gave a lot away. I had full intentions to put the leftovers in a proper blog sale, but something kept me from actually doing it. Then something unexpected and out of character happened. I started to UN-PURGE. Yes, that's right. I started taking things out of the purge pile!!! I mentioned a few pieces HERE, but by the end of it I hardly had anything left. That purge pile was more like a straggling 3-4 items. 


Update On The Big Purge

If you missed the details of the Big Purge, you can catch up HERE!! I had gathered quite a bit in that purge pile, but I definitely wasn't finished. I sorted through everything, even makeup bags, at least twice...but most categories I sorted through several times. 

I've been on a purging rampage the past couple of weeks - nail polish, makeup, skincare, body care, samples...nothing is safe! Seriously, it's been an overwhelming need to purge and it came on quite urgently and quickly!! So what's going on???

Soooo...I Turned 40...

Yep. It happened!!

These days, I don't think 40 is really that old. 100 years ago it was ancient and I would probably have grandkids by now! But it's not 100 years ago. And I don't have grandkids. I don't even have kids!