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Purging, Un-purging & Purging AGAIN

Purging, Un-purging & Purging AGAIN

Not too long ago I did a big purge, which you can catch up on HERE. I sold some of it, and gave a lot away. I had full intentions to put the leftovers in a proper blog sale, but something kept me from actually doing it. Then something unexpected and out of character happened. I started to UN-PURGE. Yes, that's right. I started taking things out of the purge pile!!! I mentioned a few pieces HERE, but by the end of it I hardly had anything left. That purge pile was more like a straggling 3-4 items. 


Honestly I don't really know because I haven't done that before. I feel like someone took over my mind and I went crazy. I started thinking about all those pretty colors, and how I could probably use them if I really, really tried. And I thought, sure, what does it truly hurt to keep any of it?? And it's not like I'd get that much $$ from blog selling what was should just keep it. 

Luckily, I've slowly been snapping out of it thanks to all the wonderful purging posts and IG pics I've seen lately!! Most recently, Liz @ Beauty Reductionista has given me the most motivation with her Lipstick Nirvana is 20 Tubes post, and repeated commitment to a no buy until January (and it's a complete no buy - no loopholes or exceptions). 

What does this mean?? It means I've been re-purging the things that I un-purged. LOL that's a twister! There are still things that I'm waffling on, but a majority of it is back on the purge pile. Whew. 

Purging, Un-purging & Purging AGAIN -

Purging, Un-purging & Purging AGAIN -

Here is what's in the current purge pile, not including a bunch of samples and including a few new additions. Thought I would talk about some of the items.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette and Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Mood Light - UGH. Yeah, these things again. I un-purged the palette because Incandescent is actually really pretty, and the other 2 shades I could use for slight contour or bronze/warmth instead of trying the new bronzers. And Mood Light does make a really pretty, subtle and luminous blush. But then I purged them AGAIN because I hardly use them, and when I do it's always somewhat of a chore because I feel like I should use them rather than relishing and looking forward to using them. All that and I'm not going to lie...I'm still on the fence about these even though they are currently in the purge pile. C'mon LOLOL!!! These HG things are like my albatross!!! I just can't seem to shake them!!! Seriously, I need help ha ha!!

All the lippies - I went through the other night and tried on every single lip stick/gloss/liner/balm I had. If it wasn't flattering on its own then it needed to go. Also if I hadn't worn it in forever then it had to go as well. 

Blushes - TF Narcissist I mentioned in my Blush Tag post, but to sum up the color is beautiful but looks patchy and brings out my red too much. I un-purged it because it was LE and blah blah blah. Ultimately, if I don't want to wear it I shouldn't keep it. 2 of the Clinique cheek pops are new additions because I finally decided Pansy Pop is a little too cool despite loving the color in the pan, and Pink Pop is too similar to other colors I love more. Blossom I'm still kind of on the fence about, but it's so similar to Chanel Fleur de Lotus and I like the finish of FdL more. 

Chanel polishes - Finally once and for all have decided I'm not buying more until they change the brush because I think it's too floppy. I've still got a few Chanel's left, but I do absolutely love those colors so it's hard to let go (damn you, Chanel for making such unique colors!!). 

Things still in the main collection that I'm not sure about that were in the original purge pile:

  • Chanel Le Blanc de Chanel - It's not the most amazing primer, and I don't think it's all that illuminating. However, I feel maybe I should keep a backup primer on hand for those days when I don't want to look as glowy?? Winter is around the corner, right?!
  • Rouge Bunny Rouge At Goldcombe Bay Bronzer - This has been discontinued, so I feel like I should keep it even though I can't remember the last time I wore it?? 
  • Various deported eyeshadows - Gah, this again ha ha!! Too many eyeshadows. I still have 3 Viseart palettes I haven't touched except for taking pictures for a future post. And I've come to find that deported shadows aren't so easy to travel with, especially when I only need 2-3 of them at a time (the smallest Sephora Z-palette is still too big for that). So with the shadows it's just that whole I-have-too-many-and-don't-use-them-all mess! 

That's the craziness that's been going on around here!! At least, hopefully, I'm back on the right track :-)   Have you ben purging and decluttering your beauty stash lately? Is it smooth sailing, or are you waffling like I have been?

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