Current Loves & Reviews

There have been quite a few makeup products I’ve been loving lately. One is a foundation I started using earlier in the year, and the rest I only started using in the last month or so. Read on for mini reviews & swatches! 

Same Blog, New Name!

Don't worry, it's the same Gummy Vision content (well ok, perhaps I'm going to try a few new things like the bag review in my post earlier today ha ha!)...just a different name. The layout is the same. Visually I just changed the logo, some fonts, colors and my profile pic.

I've wanted to change things up for a long time...years, really.

What's in My Bag & Review: Gucci Soho Disco

Earlier this year when I went all crazy-eyed for bags, I purchased the Gucci Soho Disco. Part of my final decision to buy the bag was because The Purse Forum thread for this particular bag was talking about new colors that were being released. Within that discussion it was revealed that with the new colors also came an update to the bag - no tassel on the zipper. No one seemed to know for sure if this was a complete redesign of the bag and all bags produced in the future would have no tassel, so some of us (including me of course lol) became a little frantic trying to purchase it before the 'old' models were all gone. I love the tassel and think it lends a lot of character to an otherwise very simple bag.