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Beauty Thoughts IV: Beauty Obsessed Or Just Obsessed?!

A strange thing happened in September...I took an unexpected blogging break, hardly did anything on social media...and guess what?? As of now I don't have any beauty items that I'm dying to have. Sure there are things that look interesting here and there, but there's nothing that I absolutely neeeeeeed. You know, that type of neeeeeeed that keeps you googling swatches and reviews looking for any shred of validation of said need. I don't have any of those!!!

WHAT WHAT WHAT happened?!!! 

Here's the story...

Back in September, Mr. G and I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning to place preorders for the iPhone 6 Plus when it first became available to do so. There were kinks with the whole process, and I ended up really frustrated and kind of outta my mind. You'd think I'd get over it because it's just a phone, right? LOL I wish! That's like saying Guerlain Wulong was just a powder. 

I spent the next couple of weeks scouring the iPhone forums in hopes to commiserate with other people that had similar experiences. I found a particular forum where people were talking about all that, plus everything pertaining to both new iPhone models. Wow. I never knew such a thing's like MakeupAlley...but for tech!! I would get all crazy eyed and check the forum constantly, even downloading the app. 

So as obsessed as I became with this forum, I found myself getting less and less interested in beauty. Weird. Nothing grabbed my attention. No beauty releases shouted YOU NEEEEEEEED ME COME FIND ME AT ALL COSTS!!! Nope. None of that. I suddenly had no lemmings. Like, zero. 

Even now, except for a curling wand (and I don't think that really counts) there's nothing I can't wait to have. There are items that I would like to have, but nothing that I can't talk myself out of. Conversations in my head have been going something like this...

Chanel Sweet Star polish: Heeeeeeey, lady...look at meeeeee...I'm so DAMN preeeetty!!!

Me: Oh, sh* are a pretty little number. But swatches seem to be all over the place. What color are you really???

Chanel Sweet Star: Ummm, hello...does it matter...I'm Chanel and I'm LE and helloooooo!!! I'm Chanel and everyone else wants me why are we even having this conversation???

Me: Yeah, you're right. Belly's pics are AWFULLY NICE.

Chanel Sweet Star: Told you. So why haven't you called any stores yet? 

Me: I dunno. I want you. But eh, the last polish I obsessed about I've only worn twice. Do I really need you that much??

Chanel Sweet Star: Seriously. Chica. Get a grip. Buy me now. 

Me: I'm not your chica. 

Chanel Sweet Star: UGH.

Me: Exactly.

Chanel Sweet Star: You're getting on my nerves. Did you not see that last IG pic??? 

Me: Yes. *sigh* I still am not sure.

Chanel Sweet Star: I'm dedicating this video to you...

Normal me would've purchased Sweet Star already, no questions asked! But the me now...I edited down a Sephora Friends and Family cart to only ONE item...the curling wand I've wanted for awhile! From a 7 item cart down to 1. I can't believe it. Everything else in the cart I could justify not needing at all, or waiting until later to buy with a gift card. Who am I?? 

And the curling wand I feel like is a need right now. I've been itching for one for a long time, confirmed by my stylist (Love you, Michelle!!!) that it would help achieve the look I want when my hair is air dried. Because I'm trying to take an extended break from my blow dryer.

I guess it should be noted that some of my attention was also diverted into shoring up my Fall wardrobe. My Husband and I are going to Washington, DC for our anniversary this year and I was looking for a few new things to wear. Banana Republic has been having some crazy sales lately - 30-40% off - and it was fate that I managed to find items I really loved! 

Aaaaaaaall this to say...

I've been wondering lately if I'm particularly beauty obsessed, or if I have an obsessive personality? My interests seemed so easily swayed when the new iPhone came out. And when I really think about it I'm like that with pretty much anything. If I'm reading a good book I'll spend several nights in a row reading until I can't keep my eyes open any longer and I'm finished. Netflix - hello binge watching things like Ugly Betty and Stargate Atlantis, where I'll watch season after season with barely any sleep. A video game - you couldn't talk to me when I got my Nintendo DS and was nonstop playing a castaway Sims game. Field Runners on my phone - same thing- couldn't talk to me for weeks. And when I get in my organizing moods, I'm completely zoned. 

Speaking of gaming...I recently beat my high score on Bejeweled Diamond Mine LOL! It was an exciting moment...


Don't get me wrong. I do love my beauty products!! But I do wonder how much of that is fueled with being beauty obsessed, or if I'm just obsessed in general???? What do you think? Are you the same way?


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