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Beauty Thoughts III

UGH. I know, I know...another Beauty Thoughts post??? So sooooooon??? 

Well, my friends - part of this blog is taking you along my beauty journey, and no journey would be complete without sharing what I'm thinking. And as crazy minds would have it, I've had lots and lots of feelings and thoughts running around. If you're ready for another meandering we go! 

Oh, and in case you missed them you can catch up on the original Beauty Thoughts post, and Beauty Thoughts II that I posted a couple of weeks ago :-)

Two blog posts prompted this latest round of head stuff:

Love People, Not Things by Elizabeth Dehn on Beauty Bets & 7 Reasons Why We Should Stop Praising Excess by Joshua Becker on Becoming Minimalist. Click on the links to read the full posts. 

You'll have to read the full posts to see what your reactions are, but here's what I garnered and interpreted from each...I'd be very interested to see what your interpretations are!

Love People, Not Things - It's easy to get caught up in keeping up with, or wanting the perceived perfect lives we see on social media. Travel, home decor, fashion, beauty...everyone else seems to have it and causes stress and other unwanted feelings to constantly be striving to obtain these things. Instead, focus on what's right in front of you, namely the people in your life that already make you happy.

7 Reasons Why We Should Stop Praising Excess - There's a difference between success and excess, and somehow we've kind of muddled the line between them. We've become a world that is always in praise of and wanting to have more...bigger, the biggest, more luxurious, the most luxurious, the latest technology, the most expensive, the most wealthy...because we are confused and are bombarded with the idea that having all these things equals success and who doesn't want to be successful? But "Success and excess are not the same". All this causes stress on us and the environment, we don't appreciate what we already have and we lose sight on what's really important and what we should look up to. 


I think deep down in our truest of hearts we know all of this. We feel it. So why can't we live by it??? And of course, by we I mean generally because not everyone is like that! 

I blame it on the fact that someone is always trying to sell me something. Yes, yes I's not true blame because of course I make my own decisions on where to part with my money, but rather it's the idea that I'm lured into thinking I need or really want something that I absolutely don't need.

There's a reason why companies have marketing departments. There's a reason why they have focus groups. There's a reason why part of business plans is market research. There's a reason why there's targeted advertising based on the websites I visit often. There's a reason why thought goes into product design, colors and packaging. There's a reason why retailers have sales or promotions or have Limited Edition items. Because everyone is trying to sell me something...from the grocery store to the corner gas station to fashion retailers to travel sites to bookstores to office supply stores to non-profit organizations to everyone everywhere. How do companies get me to part with my money?? Because they try to evoke feelings, feelings that will make me choose their product, organization or service over someone else's. Seriously, someone is always trying to sell me something.

I mean...think of one thing that's absolutely free. Sleeping? Um, no you bought sheets and the mattress and bed frame, right? How did you decide where to buy those things? Ok, how about going for a jog? Nope - you bought shoes, socks, jogging gear and whatever gadget you listen to music on. You surely bought those things somewhere. See where I'm going with this?? 

A hug. Affection. That's about all I can think of where I didn't have to purchase something in order to do it. 

And I admit...I'm completely guilty of wanting things I don't need and of telling others "get it, get it!!" even though I know they don't need it. But part of the fun of beauty for me is getting excited for and with others over purchases, both potential and over things they've already bought. It's a rush and I feel like I'm part of something that not everyone understands and I'm excited to find people who do understand and like the same things I do. And that applies to fashion and whatever else I'm mulling over at the moment. 

So how do I reconcile all these mixed feelings??? I don't know. How do I get to a point where I don't want things all the time??? I don't know. 

I purge quite often, but then I go and buy more things. How does that help? It doesn't. 

I always feel bad saying stuff like that when I know millions around the world don't have food, adequate shelter or aren't even safe in their own homes. Or when I know trees were cut down and precious water was used to produce the beautiful packaging my night cream came in or the glossy magazine I'm reading was made with - I feel bad. How do I reconcile all those feelings? I don't know. 

Yep...lots of feels...lots of thoughts...certainly not new ones, but feeling them nonetheless. Not sure where to begin, except I know getting it out there and talking about it is a start and it helps :-)

How about you? 


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