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Beauty Thoughts XI: 10 Beauty Bits I’ve Learned

Beauty Thoughts XI: 10 Beauty Bits I’ve Learned

Beauty is different for everyone - our experiences, likes & dislikes, & preferences. I’ve always been into skincare (since my teens!), but makeup has been an interest only for the past 12 years or so - and I’m almost 43! 

It’s been a fun ride, but during the last couple of years I’ve found myself experimenting less and less and have become more cautious and discriminating with purchases. I’m not sure if it’s age, being tired of chasing after things, or that I’ve become more comfortable in knowing what I like...probably a combination of all of the above!! I mean, don’t get me wrong LOL - I still get whirled into the hype and frivolous purchases now and again, but it happens faaaar less often and I’m able to actually talk myself out of things instead of letting my pounding, starry-eyed heart take over the buy button for every shiny LIMITED EDITION I see!! 

I thought it would be fun to share what I’ve learned along the way, and to see what your thoughts are!!! And I know none of these are earth shattering and some are probably a little repetitive from previous ramblings...but through through everything these are the top beauty bits that stand out

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Beauty Thoughts XI: 10 Beauty Bits I've Learned

Beauty Thoughts XI: 10 Beauty Bits I've Learned

  1. Using dry shampoo from day one really helps.

I used to think I should only use dry shampoo when I needed it - you know, when you can actually see the grease showing?! Through much trial and error I’ve found it actually works better on me if I use dry shampoo on day 1 (just a little though!), skip day 2 and then use it again on day 3 if I still haven’t washed my hair. For some reason it looks more natural And I end up using a lot less per ‘session’. 

 2. There will always be another new thing around the corner. 

Oh man, this has been tough and I still honestly struggle with it sometimes  But at least when it happens now I can actually have a real, adult conversation about it in my head (ha ha that sounds kind of crazy but hopefully you know what I mean!) rather than simply saying OK I NEED IT I’M GONNA GET IT!!!! 

No matter how new and shiny and gorgeous and amazing something seems, there will always be something new and shiny and gorgeous and amazing next week or next month. It’s crazy the rate at which product is released these days. 

So I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that I’m not gonna die if I don’t have the newest Chanel blush or Tom Ford polish. It’s kind of liberating & frees up a lot of my beauty brain space ha ha!  

 3. I’d rather have 1 product I absolutely love and use than 20 products that are pretty but only sit in a drawer . 

I was a pack rat as a kid, but as an adult I’ve grown into minimalist tendencies. I wouldn’t say I’m actually a minimalist, but I generally don’t like clutter and I do try to use what I have. 

That said, when I began delving into the makeup world I went through phases of always wanting all the options to being somewhat of a collector to slowly whittling my stash to what it is now. As an example and peek into how small things have gotten around here, at the moment I have 6 blushes (1 of which, let's be honest should get tossed but it's one of my all time favorite colors that's been discontinued and I'm STILL trying to find a powder dupe - ok wait, maybe there's another that should get tossed??!), 1 shadow palette (which I haven't used or swatched and is there just in case - see I have my moments ha ha!), NO mascara and I think only 3 lip glosses (that I can find!). As a side note: in case you're curious about the lack of eye products I'll explain that in a later makeup collection post! 

And now, while I still like to have options I try to make sure those options are ones I will actually use & not simply so I can have every color or texture under the sun! I try to buy with the intent to use, not to collect or buy just because. Ok, not 100% on all that LOL because I do have some exceptions. But for the most part, I really try to be more intentional with what I keep in my makeup stash. My skincare stash is a little more muddled, but at least I have a lot less samples than I used to! I feel like I've also streamlined a little more and I also experiment a little less. 

All that to say...I'd much rather have 1 product I absolutely love and adore, than a cabinet full of products that collect dust and never see the light of day. Besides what I stated above, it also means less mental clutter and more money that I can use for other things! 

 4. Trust your instincts over the hype. 

This one has been a hurdle and is still sometimes a battle! But I've mostly learned to stick to my instincts...if I don't think I'll like something, then I don't buy it regardless of how many people are singing its praises. 

 5. Beauty backups can be a blessing or a curse.

Backups are a blessing when dealing with that limited edition product you LOVE, recently discontinued product you love, or staple item you simply cannot be without.

Backups are a curse when you get tired of using the same product or fall out of love. Then it's like WHHHHHHYYYYYYY?????

I've gotten better about not having so many backups of so many different products, but it's still a struggle because when I find something I love, I tend not to want to be without it...especially when it comes to skincare. I'll keep trudging with this long as I keep improving it's good, right???!

 6. Learn about ingredients. Learn what your skin reacts well to and what it doesn't like. Read ingredient lists. 

I had to learn this one awhile ago, in my early 30's when I started going through adult acne. This was also the time I started experimenting a lot more trying to 'fix' the acne. When nothing seemed to work, that's when I found the skincare board on MakeupAlley and started a skincare journal. I kept track of what products I was using and what reactions I had. If I had a bad reaction to a product, I would write down the ingredient list (even if it was long!!). Eventually I started noticing consistencies in ingredients and was able to suss out which specific ingredients were causing problems. 

To this day, I still avoid certain ingredients, and try to make sure others are way down on the ingredient list. Keeping a diary and learning about ingredients is a pain and a lot of work, but it's worth it!! 

 7. Take care of your face - it’s the only one you have. 

It kind of kills me when people, especially ones who wear makeup, don't have a skincare routine or can't even be bothered to take off their makeup. I mean, sure...every once in awhile isn't going to kill you, but all the time??? No. 

I'm not trying to say everyone needs to cleanse, tone, moisturize, etc...we're all different and can get away with and thrive with different routines! But please, just do something to look after your face. If you beat it up and don't give it nourishment, how long will it survive before it starts showing just how much you don't take care of it???

Just do something, even if it's only the basics. 

 8. Prescription retinoid...once you get to a certain age it will be your best friend.

I'll be 43 soon, and only started using Tretinoin about 1 1/2 years ago. I wish I had started using it sooner, because it is hands down better than any serum or moisturizer or toner or other anti-aging product I've tried. Not only would it have saved me a lot of money from NOT buying so many serums and stuff through the years, but it also would have helped prevent some of the issues I'm now trying to 'fix' (or at least made them not as severe). 

It has helped with acne, deep cysts, texture, age spots, glow and getting my skin tone more even. To find another single product that will help with all these issues and as effectively...well, I'd be hard pressed. 

If you haven't made the effort because you think it's too much trouble - MAKE THE EFFORT. At least test it out and if it's not good, then you can say you tried. But, hopefully you'll find it as fantastic as I do!!!

 9. Take care of the skin on your body too. 

You moisturize and exfoliate your face, why wouldn't you do that for your body?! 

10. Environment is important: people, home, all affects our health & well being.

All the product in the world won't hide a life full of stress and negative people - it all catches up to you eventually! Get your rest. Surround yourself with positive people and positive energy. Find a job that you at least enjoy (most of the time!). Find hobbies that make you smile! But most of all remember to take care of yourself and your health! 

I’d love to hear what you think and to also learn what you’ve discovered on your own beauty journey!! 

Makeup Collection: April 2018

Makeup Collection: April 2018

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