THINX Period Panties & Underwear

Time for some personal lady talk!! If you get embarrassed with TMI regarding that time of the month, click away! But for everyone else, here we go...

I read Laurie's, Eye Heart It, review about the Thinx Period Panties & Underwear (HERE) and was completely intrigued. I read through all of the comments and her responses a couple of times before finally placing an order. I've had these for over a year, so I definitely have formed some opinions ha ha! 

Recap: June 2016

I snapped some swatches when I was in Sephora earlier this month, and thought I would share them in the Recap as well! 

Beauty Thoughts VII: Life Without Lemmings

I mentioned in the beginning of the year that I was much more into complexion products. That hasn't changed, and it's actually morphed into a greater interest in skincare rather than makeup. In a way I feel as though I'm going back to my roots, as skincare has always been my first love. 

So that's my first admission, of sorts! 

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick

As mentioned, HERE, one of my friends brought back some Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets from Europe for me. I couldn't decide on just a few colors, so I asked for quite a lot since they were a lot less than I normally pay for lipsticks. I've had awhile to play with them, and here are my thoughts! 

Skincare Routine IV: Skincare During BBL

I went through my 2nd BBL (Broadband Light) laser treatment a couple of weeks ago, and just had my second microdermabrasion yesterday. My final BBL laser treatment is in a week, and my final microdermabrasion 2 weeks after that. Well, hopefully anyway! Depends on how good the 3rd treatment goes! 

Prior to the treatments, I read that you have to be really gentle with your skin - no rubbing, tugging or trying to peel the healing spots off or things could look worse. Also you aren't allowed to use certain acids - mainly from what I gather you can't use acids that aid in exfoliation. I still didn't know quite what to expect or how my skin would react. 

Face Mists: Omorovicza, Medicell & Herbivore

I use face mists pretty much everyday when I'm working. I love the extra boost of hydration in the dry plane air, and they help bring back the glow when I've powdered throughout the day. I've got 3 going at the moment: the Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist, Medicell Hydrating Calming Facial Mist and Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water Hydrating Face Mist. 

Recap: May 2016

One of my AMAZING friends went to Europe in May, and she offered to bring back whatever beauty bits I wanted!!! I was SO excited and the first thing I thought of was SEROZINC!!! Second on my list was my favorite sunscreen, along with a couple of new ones to try (including a tinted one). She had her eye on some Bourjois items, so I thought it would be a good time to try their Rouge Edition Velvets, which all the UK girls I watch on YouTube seem to have loved or mentioned at one point or another. 

Neutral Lips

Lately I've been showing snippets of my beauty stash because there are products I still haven't swatched on the blog! It's also been a good exercise and reminder of what I have - you know that old story...stuck on your favorites and things fall to the wayside! 

Shower Favorites

Here are my current favorites for in the shower! All except one I've mentioned before, but thought I would do a proper mini review of each.

Bite Beauty Swatches

I've always been drawn to Bite Beauty lip products, and have tried out quite a lot since the brand launched. Here are the colors that have managed to stay in my collection!

Lip Pencil Stash

Though I don't wear lipstick a ton, I do try to wear liner with anything that's not more sheer/balmy. Often I opt for a clear liner, simply because it's easy...but since last Fall I've found a closely matching liner actually seems to work better (it's easier to create my lip shape with a liner and then fill in vs. using a clear liner and then using the lipstick bullet to shape). Here are the non-clear lip liners that are currently in my stash...

Nails in Shades of Blue

I love blue on my nails! I especially look forward to the warm weather when I start wearing lighter blues again. Here's my current stash of blue polish...

Empties: April 2016

I finished a lot of product January through March and purged a lot as well. I think it's probably one of my most successful quarters - as such, it seemed pretty daunting to put it all into a single post. I also thought it would probably be way too much to read, even for an Empties fanatic (like myself ha ha!) so I've opted instead to just leave it at I FINISHED A LOT OF STUFF!!! LOL

Surratt Surreal Real Skin Foundation Wand

I don't think I've been this excited about a makeup product in awhile - I mean I've loved things, sure, but this foundation is absolutely fantastic. There are a few minor points that I'm not thrilled about, but they have to do with price and packaging - the foundation itself is seriously SO SO SO good!!!

Recap: April 2016

I used the same core group of products for April. Actually - think I've been using mostly the same products for the last couple of months, barring a few things I've been testing!!