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Current Loves & Reviews

Current Loves & Reviews

There have been quite a few makeup products I’ve been loving lately. One is a foundation I started using earlier in the year, and the rest I only started using in the last month or so. Read on for reviews & swatches (at the end)! 

***All products purchased by me. This is not a sponsored post. *** 

Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer Powder in 002, By Tery Compact-Expert Dual Powder in 1 Ivory Fair, IT Cosmetics CC Cream in Light, Sephora Bronzing Face Powder in Fiji, Burberry Light Glow in Dark Earthy -

Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer Powder in 002, By Tery Compact-Expert Dual Powder in 1 Ivory Fair, IT Cosmetics CC Cream in Light, Sephora Bronzing Face Powder in Fiji, Burberry Light Glow in Dark Earthy -

Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer Powder 002 - $56/.21oz. I started getting a little bored with my stash of highlighters and wanted to try something new. After several failed attempts (too sparkly, too gold, too peach, too light, etc), I finally found a winner! I prefer highlighters that are close enough to my skintone that they mostly match...I like glow, but it's gotta look somewhat like it was meant to be there!

This Dior one leans oh-so-slightly-pink on me, while still fitting the bill of looking natural. It's bright enough to give my face a lift, but nothing too crazy. It's nice and buildable too if you want to be more bold! Plus it comes with a mini kabuki brush that's pretty cute.

By Terry Compact-Expert Dual Powder in 1 Ivory Fair - $46/.18oz. I've been trying to find an allover powder that gives me a little more luminosity. The Chanel Les Beiges is one of my favorites, but sometimes I want more glow. I've been on the hunt for probably a year and have tried powders from Surratt, Kevyn Aucoin, Kat Von D, Rouge Bunny Rouge, Cover FX and others that I can't even remember ha ha! It's been a looooong road.

And it was worth it. This By Terry powder is absolutely fantastic. I like how you can control the amount of glow you want depending on how you feel - either dip your brush more in the center for glow or on the outer circle for a more natural finish. The middle circle can be used alone as a subtle highlight. I also have 2 Rosey Gleam that I haven't tried yet. I'd also like to see if 7 Sun Desire works as a blush. 

3 complaints about the By Terry, despite the fact that I love the product and have already purchased a backup: the compact feels really cheap for the price although it is nice and thin for travel, and I don't like that there's a divider between the colors. I would rather pay a higher price for more product in order to get wider circles so it's easier to swirl a brush around. And lastly, the product itself is a softer powder, so you don't want to use a coarse hair brush. The softness also lends to quite a bit of fall out when you put your brush to the I also don't know how long this small container will last??? That's mainly why I wanted another one on hand lol! 

*By the way, my swatches of this powder didn't turn out very well, and instead of redoing them I'll refer you to to THIS post from The Beauty Look Book.*

IT Cosmetics CC Cream in Light - $15/.12oz or $38/1.08oz. I feel like I'm semi-regularly finding foundations I love, but this one from IT Cosmetics has them all beat. So much so that the rest of them have been relegated to a drawer, only to be pulled out for comparison swatches. I love it THAT much. I don't know if I've ever declared a foundation as Holy Grail, but if I were so inclined to do so I definitely would for this.

Honestly, it ticks all my boxes (don't tell my Husband ha ha!) - it doesn't migrate or crack at all during the day even over sunscreen and moisturizer, it has a beautiful finish that is naturally luminous but not too much, I can wear it without powder, and with powder it lasts all day. The color match is fantastic too. At first I thought it was a little grey toned and a tad dark, but somehow it works and blends and melts into my skin amazingly well - it's what I'd want my skin to look like if it was more even toned. It also covers all my light redness without additional concealer (except for blemishes). It's lightweight and I don't even need a brush to apply - warmed up fingers do just great! AND I absolutely love that my shade comes in the little travel size! 

The coverage to me is a little more than medium, but if you have super even skin already you'd probably think it has high coverage. It builds really nicely though, and also blends out even better for lighter coverage. 

Sephora Bronzing Face Powder in Fiji, $17/.3oz & Burberry Light Glow in Dark Earthy, $42/.24oz -  I've never contoured. I mean, I have cheekbones that are pretty prominent and my nose is round and kind of piggy and there's really no hiding that lolol!! But recently my Husband and I have been binge watching Hawaii Five-O...Chin Ho Kelly's cheekbones naturally are BAM BAM, but the contour they use on him makes them look EXTRA BAM BAM BAM!!! Of course I thought, I want to do that!!! Enter my contour search. 

As luck would have it, the Sephora and Burberry ones are the first ones I tried. My main goal was to get the right color. As with many of you, I can't use anything too warm or too orange - too warm pulls the red out of my skin and otherwise I'm not trying to go for a bronzy look. The Sephora one is inexpensive and had good reviews, and the Burberry one is a mini (from the Holiday box this year) and is great for travel. 

I actually love them both! The Sephora has some subtle shimmer, but there's no sparkle or glitter. The Burberry is matte, but not super matte and doesn't look flat once applied. Fiji is slightly warmer, so I don't like to wear it alone. But Dark Earthy I can go with a light application and no blush on top. These do make my cheekbones pop more, but a surprising feature that I'm even more appreciative of is that they even out the my skintone in that area. In other words, they hide what the IT Cosmetics CC Cream can't. My favorite way is to wear them with blush just gives my cheek color that extra dimension that you can't get from a single color product. 

See below for swatches of all but the By Terry!! I also compared the IT Cosmetics to a couple of other foundations that are my color match. 


What do you think? Have you tried any of these products? Are you into contour or bronzers? 

Cleansers: Korres Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser & Tammy Fender Purifying Cleansing Gel

Cleansers: Korres Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser & Tammy Fender Purifying Cleansing Gel

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