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Instagram Product Follow Up

Instagram Product Follow Up

I've realized lately that I post a fair amount of product on Instagram that's either new or I'm testing out, but never follow up with my final thoughts. I'm not sure Instagram is a good place for a huge follow up post, so I thought I would write it up on the blog instead! Plus, I'm not sure how many are on Instagram these days, and wanted to make sure you all had the info! 

***All product purchased by me, received as a personal gift or received as a gift with purchase. This is not a sponsored post. Links are not affiliated.***


Here are the pics/products I'll be talking about...a long post ahead, so prepare yourself!


CND VinyLux Polish in Romantique and Weekly Top Coat

I didn't care for the Romantique color because even after 4 coats, it still was not opaque. Plus with that many coats I don't think it wore as well as it could have otherwise. That said, I'm definitely interested in trying out other colors. 

But, I LOVE the Weekly Top Coat and it has replaced the NAILS INC 45 Second Top Coat with Kensington Caviar as my favorite because it works with regular polish. It's stays more glossy for a longer period of time, dries just as quickly and I get the same wear with only one coat vs. 2 coats for the NAILS INC. The CND VinyLux Weekly Top Coat is a bit thicker than the NAILS INC, so I have to be careful that I don't get too much on the brush. 


IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cleanser

I didn't care for this one because it left a slight waxy film that was tough to get rid of. 


This was from my first BeautyTap order (which came with a boat-load of samples!!!). I've mentioned my thoughts about the eye masks on Instagram, but I'll recap here as well.

Skinfood Pomegranate Collagen Eye Mask

The first time I tried these they were uncomfortable itchy and I only had them on for a couple minutes it was so bad. That really put me off, so I was very hesitant to try them again, but decided to go for it. Second time around wasn't as bad, but my eye area was still slightly itchy. They were very moisturizing and my fine lines looked more plumped and less noticeable, but an eye mask shouldn't be even remotely uncomfortable so I won't be using these again. 

Tony Moly Ferment Snail Eye Mask

These are way too thick and way too heavy to stay on my eye area even when I'm laying down. I even tried wiping away some of the serum (not too much otherwise what's the point?!!), but that didn't help much. I did try them a second time, but the same thing happened and I ended up just applying about 10 layers (ok, maybe not really that many but it was a lot ha ha!!) of serum to at least reap some benefit. Besides being a little sticky and feeling moisturized, I didn't see any difference. 

Sulwhasoo Vitalizing Overnight Mask EX

This stuff is fantastic. Admittedly I haven't tried a ton of overnight masks, but so far this one from Sulwhasoo has helped a lot. My favorite way is to use it isn't at night, but rather on days I stay at home when I feel my skin need some TLC (especially when I get home from a work trip). The night before I'll do my usual routine (so my skin still benefits from Tretinoin with usual application instead of being diluted by the mask), and then the next morning I'll wash my face, use my favorite Glycolix Elite 15% Treatment Pads and then slap as much of this mask on as possible (applying in thin layers). I put my hair up and go about my puttering! By the end of the day, my skin feels soothed, soft, supple and uber moisturized. I feel like I have fresh skin again. 

I scored this on BeautyTap as a special for only $28. They seem to do specials a lot of their best sellers, so keep an eye out if you want to try anything. AND if you live in the DFW, TX area they are opening a store very soon in Carrollton!!! I'm so excited!!!

COSRX Low PH Good Morning Gel Cleanser

This seems to be a nice, gentle cleanser but it stings my eyes a lot so I'm not inclined to use it. It doesn't leave a film though (ACES in my book!) and doesn't strip my skin. 

COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence

I really liked this a lot until I started getting a couple of underground bumps on my forehead- it's been weeks since I stopped using it and I still have one that's not quite gone. It added moisture, made my skin a little softer and somehow managed to make my skin look a little brighter - I couldn't see it on my naked skin, but I could see it after I applied makeup. It is a little tacky upon application, but quickly goes away after it's dry. 

From the BeatuyTap site, snail mucin is supposed to be:

"rich in elastin, proteins, copper peptides, hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, and boasts antimicrobial properties. What all this means for your skin is that it hydrates, firms, smooths skin texture and fine lines, reduces acne scars, strengthens the skin barrier, and prevents moisture loss"

I didn't use it long enough to see most of those benefits, but I did notice a small difference in the short time I did use it. I'm annoyed it clogged my forehead, because all that snail stuff sounds so interesting! 

COSRX Galactomyces Alcohol-Free Toner

Evidently galactomyces is a byproduct of fermented sake (thanks, google), and this toner is supposed to help with moisture and fortifying the skin barrier. Whatever the heck it is or does I love it because it has helped with some underground bumps that I've had FOREVER. You know, the kind that never hurt or come to a head, cannot be squeezed and seem to stick around no matter what you do?!! I have a couple around my my nose/cheek area that have gotten significantly smaller since I started using this toner and I couldn't be happier about that! This also does seem to help with moisture retention (not much but every little bit helps), so that's a plus. This is a definite repurchase. 


Leven Rose Oils: jojoba, rosehip, red raspberry, pomegranate

I was running out of my MV Organics Rose Plus Booster, and kept going back and forth about purchasing my 3rd bottle. It's pricey! Then I looked at other oils to try, and none of them really stuck out and if they did they were just as expensive (or more so) than the MV Organics. So I looked at the ingredients and decided to just individually buy some of the oils that are in the Rose Plus Booster, plus a couple of others that sounded interesting from other oils I was looking at. 

I decided to purchase the Leven Rose brand because 1. Amazon Prime, 2. the oils I wanted were organic, and 3. I had tried oils from the brand before. Other good places to buy oils are from the sites, From Nature with Love, Garden of Wisdom, and Lotion Crafter. 

I'm not super picky about how I mix the oils...and by that I mean I don't measure. I eyeball it and use about 70% jojoba oil and the remaining 30% is a mix between the other 3 oils. Ideally, part of the idea is that I can use more or less of any of the oils depending on how my skin is feeling, but so far this ratio of mixing has been fantastic...and I mean that!! I love knowing exactly what's going on my skin, the price is great and even better is that my skin loves this mix even more than the Rose Plus Booster. It feels soothed, hydrated, not clogged and it all plays well with my other skincare and makeup. 

I'm not ready to add other oils yet, but at some point I definitely will. This has been a successful experiment and I'm so glad I finally took the plunge. 


Victoria Beckham x Estee Lauder Skin Perfecting Powder

As soon as I saw this packaging I knew I wanted it because it's so gorgeous!!! I still love the compact...really nice heft, big mirror and it makes me smile every time I use it. The powder itself isn't anything to write home about - good for touch ups because it doesn't cake or build up, and I like that it doesn't make my skin completely matte. Other than that though, the powder doesn't seem to have any of the pore minimizing or brightening qualities as advertised. Nonetheless, I'm very happy to have this in my collection, as I only use it for touch ups anyway...and seriously...THAT COMPACT!!!


These were the items from the CultBeauty goody bag I was most excited about...

By Terry Baume de Rose

I have an on again, off again relationship with this one. It's really nice and a luxe little treat, but I much prefer my beloved La Mer Lip Balm. La Mer actually heals my lips, whereas the Baume de Rose feels like it locks in moisture and creates a barrier. But it is pretty to look at. My original review is HERE, and I still maintain that's it's not any more effective than Aquaphor that's waaaay cheaper. 

Jouer Rose Gold Powder Highlighter

Not as buttery as the description implies (maybe I got a dud?), but regardless the color on this was not right for me. Too peach and too gold. I didn't test it beyond trying it on because I didn't like the color. 

Dr. Dennis Gross Extra Strength Daily Peel

I do love the Dr. Dennis Gross Daily Peel pads...I always keep them on hand. I'm not sure if I see a ton of difference between these and the regular ones, but any step up is still nice. I use these and the regular ones when I want to use an acid, but not one as strong as the Glycolix Elite ones

Kate Somerville Exfolikate

This used to be a favorite of mine a long time ago, so I was excited to use it again. Weirdly enough it doesn't do much for me now, I'm guessing because I stay pretty well exfoliated between Tretinoin, acids and regular microdermabrasion. 

Dr. Levy 3 Deep Micro-Resurfacing Cleanser

This one left a film and I didn't feel like it did any resurfacing???? But as stated above I already am pretty well exfoliated, so that's probably more it than anything. 

RMD DNA Eye Balm

Absolutely love this stuff!!! My only wish is that it was moisturizing enough to wear alone. It's supposed to do a lot, but mainly it aids in collagen reproduction to combat the signs of aging around the eye area. I use it as a serum under eye cream or eye spf, and it has replaced my previous favorite Amore Pacific serum. It sinks in nicely, is lightweight and not greasy. It definitely helps combat fine lines and helps keep my eye area more plump. Definite repurchase for me. 

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer & Ouai Hair and Body Oil

Still need to test these out!!!


I have coarse, aging hair with lots of greys. 

Sisley Regenerating Hair Care Mask

Ok, so this is REALLY GOOD. Probably one of the better hair masks I've used, but definitely not the best and most definitely not worth the $95. For $95 my hair needs to look like I just came out of the salon. Actually it should look better!!! I wouldn't even recommend it as a luxe splurge treat, because seriously...$95 is a good $30-50 that's better spent elsewhere. 

Sisley Hair Ritual Shampoo & Conditioner

Not nearly as good as Oribe Gold Lust.

Sisley Precious Hair Care Oil

Ok, I actually really liked this better than the Aveda Dry Remedy Oil that I've been using for years. It's super lightweight while still being moisturizing but somehow looks less oily. Worth the $100 for 100ml though??? I don't know. Probably not. Maybe. No???


Me Factory Pig Collagen 3 step Nose Pack

This sounded good in theory, but 3 steps is about 2 steps too much. Seriously too much faff and it didn't even help with blackheads and sebum that much. 

Cle de Peau UV Protective Lip Treatment SPF30

This is nicely moisturizing, but being a balm it won't last all day. However, I do like the high SPF (for a lip product) and the fact that it doesn't feel waxy or gritty or make my lips look white. 


Aaaaaaaaaand we're finally done!!!! Have you tried any of these products??? What did you think???

Makeup Collection: April 2018

Makeup Collection: April 2018