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Makeup Collection: April 2018

Makeup Collection: April 2018

My last Makeup Collection post, HERE, was about 2 years ago, almost to the day!! I thought I had a small collection back then, but I've managed to whittle things down to about a large makeup bag-sized stash. How did I do this?!

In addition to having minimalist tendencies, I've said many times before that my interest in makeup has greatly diminished. Why?? Because I'm fairly confident in how I want to look, what product I like and I'm totally ok looking the same day after day. My main concern is that my skin looks fresh and somewhat radiant...everything else is a bonus!! I find confidence in knowing what works!!

I still experiment here and there, but honestly these days it's rare to find makeup I absolutely love. I also find joy in a routine that's not terribly complicated, and I don't mind still loving the same products year after year.

A couple notes: 

  1. I do keep foundations I no longer use so I can access them for comparison swatches, but I don’t consider them part of my collection. They are for reference. Oh, and on that note I do still keep NARS Penny Lane as comparison reference because I'm still trying to find the perfect powder equivalent, but I don't use it on my face at all. 
  2. This does not include anything I purchased from the recent Sephora sale. I have no idea what I’ll like or what will be returned yet, so until then they’ll remain in TBD status. 

Onto my collection!!

***All items purchased by me or received as a GWP. This is not a sponsored post.*** 

Makeup Collection: April 2018 -

Makeup Collection: April 2018 -

Items with an * are carry overs from my previous collection post (may or may not be the actual, same product or a repurchase).


* CoverFX Illuminating Primer (HERE)- This is still my favorite primer and adds just enough radiance if I need an extra boost. It also gives a little extra oomph to foundation wear-time. 


* Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light Bisque (HERE) - Um, looking back I've realized I've had this same little pot for around 4 years now. Probably time to get a fresh one, although this one seems fine...probably because I hardly use it. But on the rare occasion I need corrector because the bags are screaming for help, I dab only a teeny bit and suddenly I look a little more fresh faced and not like I haven't slept in 2 days. It also blends in well enough so I don't need concealer on top. 

* Becca Ultimate Coverage Concealer (HERE) -  Another old pot that's still going strong because you barely need any product to do a big job. It's creamy enough to blend well (as long as you don't use too much), but pigmented enough to cover a whole lot of skin problems. 

* Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Concealer (HERE) - Used to be a favorite until I found the Becca. I keep it in my makeup bag for work in case I need to touch up...and let's face it, I'm rarely in the mood to touch up my makeup at work unless it's lip gloss ha ha! But it's a good size (meaning small!!) to have on hand just in case! I did use up the sample I had, which lasted forever. 


IT Cosmetics CC Cream in Light (swatch & review HERE) & * Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in B20 (swatched, HERE) - The IT Cosmetics CC Cream is an all time favorite and is the foundation that's taken up permanent residence in my everyday makeup bag. The Chanel I keep on hand in my quick, barely there makeup drawer for my days off...partly to use it up and partly so I don't have to pull it out of my makeup bag every time and then have to remember to put it back! But I've had it for awhile now, so it's probably time to finish it already and/or get a fresh one. 


* Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal (swatched, HERE) - Still love and use this allover my lid and as a general highlight. My preferred method is to use this as a base layer and then apply a slightly cooler, powder highlight on top - gives it extra dimension and staying power. 

Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer in 002 (HERE) - I've hit major pan on this and I'm not sure if I'll repurchase. I love the color, but I'm not too crazy about the harder texture. 

* Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Highlight in Highlight 01 (swatched, HERE) - And old favorite and good standby that I like to have on hand (but only the mini!) in case I can't get along with any of my current highlighters. 

Makeup Collection: April 2018 -

Makeup Collection: April 2018 -

Items with an * are carry overs from my previous collection post (may or may not be the actual, same product or a repurchase).


* Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Colour SPF15 in N20 (HERE) - Old favorite and reliable standby for when I'm trying out other powders. Overall though, I still prefer this to anything else I've tried. I have one that's got major pan that I keep in my off work, barely there makeup drawer and the other one lives in my makeup bag. 

By Terry Dual Expert Powder in N01 Ivory Fair (review HERE)- This is another product I've hit pan on! I have a backup of it, but I'm not sure I'll go in for a 3rd round? There's not a ton of product in the compact, and despite how much I love the hint of luminosity this gives, I go through it too quickly to be used everyday. We'll see! But now carries By Terry, so I love that the brand is usually included in the sales! 

Victoria Beckham x Estee Lauder Skin Perfecting Powder - OK, not gonna lie because I mostly bought this because of the packaging. And I wasn't disappointed!!! It's a gorgeous, textured gold, hefty and has a large mirror. Plus, I LOOOOOVE pulling it out and having that feeling of knowing you've got something pretty to look at!!!!! The product itself is fine for occasional touch ups, but as an everyday powder I think it actually breaks me out?? I keep this in my touch up makeup bag for work. I mainly use the mirror to reapply lip product LOL

I also have a mini, travel size of the MUFE HD powder that I like to keep in my purse, but I can't find it :-(

Makeup Collection: April 2018 -

Makeup Collection: April 2018 -

Items with an * are carry overs from my previous collection post (may or may not be the actual, same product or a repurchase).


* NARS Douceur - So sad this is discontinued, but I still use it every once in awhile.

* Chantecaille Protect the Wolves Cheek Shade in Ella - I think this is my 3rd and last one. I love the color and will try to finish it, but I'm starting to get bored and want to find something else. 

* Tom Ford Frantic Pink (old formula, HERE) & Gratuitous (HERE) - I need to finish Frantic Pink already because I it pan on it 2 years ago!!!!! 

Burberry Light Glow in Light Earthy (HERE) - I use this as a contour and still love it!

Makeup Collection: April 2018 -

Makeup Collection: April 2018 -

Items with an * are carry overs from my previous collection post (may or may not be the actual, same product or a repurchase).


* Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil in Ash (HERE) - Favorite pencil and I think this is my 3rd one?!!! It's hard to find a darker pencil that has cool tones, but this is it for me!

Anastasia Clear Brow Gel - I only have this because it came as a GWP (maybe in a CultBeauty goody bag??), but it has come in handy a few times. It doesn't dry crunchy and does the job. 

Burberry Wet & Dry Glow Eyeshadow in 002 Nude (HERE) - Only shadow I wear and that's only about 1/2 the time. But it's a great, not too warm, not too cool shade that emphasizes my eyes just enough. 

Buuuuut wait...why do I have this Make Up Forever Palette?????? It's JUST IN CASE, baby!!! Ive only swatched a few colors and have yet to use it despite buying it sometime last year because it was in the sale section on Sephora. After getting rid of all but one eyeshadow, I panicked and didn't want to be caught with at least some neutral options if the occasion arose. You know. 

Makeup Collection: April 2018 -

Makeup Collection: April 2018 -

Items with an * are carry overs from my previous collection post (may or may not be the actual, same product or a repurchase).


After taking this picture I realized how similar some of these colors are that I decided should be purged. I had already gotten rid of 4 minis shortly before this pic, but these are additional full size and minis that got the boot: Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in * Berry Naughty, Givenchy Rouge Interdit in a color I couldn't read the name of, MUFE Artist Rouge Creme in C211, NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment in Starwoman, Tom Ford Lips & Boys in * Xavier. 

I am thinking about letting * Tom Ford Matte in Plush Lush go, as I think I've only worn it twice in the however many years I've had it. It doesn't smell though, so that's good??? 

Pencils: * Charlotte Tilbury Bad Romance (I have Pillow Talk somewhere but cannot find it) and *MUFE Transparent

Gloss: Surratt Lip Luster in Coquette, * Chanel Glossimer 216 Clarte (discontinued, I bought 4 and this is my last one)

Lipstick: * NARS Rosecliff, * NARS Audacious in Liv, * Armani Rouge d'armani in 501 (this is my second one, as I unknowingly bought it a second time when it was rereleased as part of some capsule collection (purged the first one), Tom Ford Matte in Pussycat

And then finally, * NARS Velvet Matte Pencil in Train Bleu.  

I also have a Chanel Crayon in Cassis that I can't find. Send help LOL because I seem to have several items missing!!!

What do you think??? Any surprises??? Anything you think I NEED in my collection???


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