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THINX Period Panties & Underwear

THINX Period Panties & Underwear

Ok, I know this might be a bit weird talking panties on the blog, but these aren't just any ol' I was super intrigued when I found out about them and had so many questions!! With that in mind...time for some personal lady talk!! If you get embarrassed with TMI regarding that time of the month, click away! But for everyone else, here we go...

I read Laurie's, Eye Heart It, review about the Thinx Period Panties & Underwear (HERE) and was completely intrigued. I read through all of the comments and her responses a couple of times before finally placing an order. I've had these for over a year (sorry - kept forgetting to post a review, but they've always been in the back of my mind to talk about!), so I definitely have formed some opinions ha ha! 

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THINX Period Panties & Underwear

THINX Period Panties & Underwear


All styles can be purchased from the THINX site, HERE. There weren't as many styles available last year, but now there are a total of six (including sport and boy short versions). 

Each panty/underwear style holds a different amount of flow, noted in the descriptions with red tampons. While these aren't meant to necessarily replace everything one might currently use, they are meant to replace panty liners and to use as backup for tampons/cups. But depending on your flow, you can certainly tailor use of the panties to your needs. A list of FAQ's is HERE

I wash these in the regular cycle in a lingerie bag, and hang them up to dry. They don't take much longer than regular panties/underwear to dry and have held up amazingly well throughout the year. They stay pretty dry with leakage - only occasionally have I noticed a little dampness but that quickly goes away. I don't notice an odor beyond what I've experienced with liners. Oh, forgot to mention that the lace is really soft on these!!

I'll start with the thong style, since I still use them for each period. They are $24 and hold 1/2 tampon. Available in black and nude. 

I really love these!! I used to wear thong pantyliners. While I got used to the thong liners, they certainly weren't ideal and weren't always as comfortable as I'd like depending on whether or not I thought about them for too long. These are very comfortable though, and I hardly notice a difference from my regular thong underwear. They provide a perfect backup to tampons, which I definitely need on my heavy days. On my very lightest (more like spotting), last day of my period I can actually wear these alone and I still feel protected. 

They are slightly more stiff than a regular material would be, maybe like a muslin? In terms of thickness they are thinner than ultra thins. 

I only have 2 minor complaints about the fit. I wish the lace was a little tighter and they were a little lower waisted - these 2 issues together means the thong sometimes rides up a little in the front (if that makes sense?). Unfortunately they don't have a smaller size, otherwise I'm sure that would be fine. Regardless, the thongs are totally worth it and I'll definitely purchase again when these start wearing out!! 

Next up, the Hiphugger. $34 and holds 2 tampons. Available in black and nude. 

I bought the Hiphuggers because I didn't want to wear the THINX Thong when I slept. Laurie mentioned that these don't rustle like pads or liners. I agree that they don't rustle, but since the fabric is a little more stiff than regular panty material I can kinda feel them when I move and can almost hear them (probably not to anyone else but me) as well. 

Honestly I don't think these are all that comfortable to wear, which is a combination of the fit and the fabric. First off, this style is not made for people with flat butts!!! If you have a flat butt (like me), these ride horribly - and with the combination of the slightly stiffer fabric...well the combination makes for some EXTREME panty lines with even forgiving fabric like thicker denim. Because these bunch up, they actually aren't that comfortable to wear at night either (ok, that plus I can 'feel' them a lot more than the thong which is annoying). I don't bother wearing these at all anymore, but if you have the the right shaped bottom for these hiphuggers, they might work for you?

Given my dislike for the Hiphuggers, I would really like to try the Boyshort style. Hopefully just a change in style would alleviate my problems? I think if the fit is right the slight fabric stiffness wouldn't bother me so much! I'll update you when/if I've tried them. 

Overall I highly recommend giving these a try!! Be sure to check out Laurie's post and comments for additional info. 

They do offer a discount if you purchase multiple pairs: 3  - 10%, 5 - 15%, 7 - 20%. Given my experience with the Hiphuggers though, I would suggest really studying the pictures in each description to see which style(s) would best suit you. And definitely don't buy 5 of the same items right off the bat like me lolol otherwise you might end up with a bunch of expensive panties you don't want -_-  

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Empties: June 2016

Empties: June 2016