Sephora Sale Goodies: April 2016

It's funny...the difference between 15% and 20% seems like a lot. For this sale I kept saying, eh it's only 15%. But during the Fall sale I say, oh boy it's 20%!!! All that to say I couldn't decide what to get. My cart changed 10000x's, and at one point I even thought I wouldn't get anything. 

Snapchat Tutorial

I downloaded Snapchat a long time ago...tried to use it...promptly got frustrated and decided I didn't get why it was so popular. For some reason I decided to try it again, and kind of forced myself to learn how to use it. Now it's my favorite form of social media!! 

Why? Because it's so casual - no automated tweets, no carefully curated Instagram photos...

Herbivore Pink Clay Cleansing Bar Soap

I've been interested in exploring the Herbivore line after seeing their Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water Hydrating Face Mist here and there on blogs and Instagram. When I was ready to make an actual purchase, the Mist was OOS on Sephora so I decided to get the Pink Clay Cleansing Bar Soap instead - you know, just so I could try something!!

Makeup Collection: April 2016

My last Makeup Collection post, HERE, was a little over a year ago. 

I've done a sh*t ton of purging toward the end of last year and over the last many months. Of course, that's somewhat normal around here, but I feel I've outdone myself this time!

Recap: March 2016

I feel like I've made some headway in the not-getting-suckered-into-every-gwp part of my life, and let me tell you March was a BIG test.

New In

Hi, guys!!! Sorry I've been was an unintended absence filled with family stuff and more work than usual! It's nothing bad, just a lot more time consuming and stressy than normal (and my life is generally not filled with stress!!!) so my head was anywhere but blogging ha ha! Hopefully things are back to normal, and I can resume my regularly irregular blog schedule :-P

Instead of jumping back into the blog pool with some long winded reviews or Empties post (those will be later LOL), thought I would start off easy by showing you some new beauty goodies I have yet to try!

#bbloggers Notebook

Bronzer Bunny and I have often talked about doing something creative - still blog related, but just something different than talking about beauty!

We've tossed around a lot of ideas, and for our first project we decided to do a #bbloggers dedicated journal/notebook!

Samples & GWP's...A Reality Check...

It's that time of year again...when all the big GWP's start showing up - Nordstrom just had one (and has always has smaller ones), as has SpaceNK is coming up, not to mention the one I wait twice a year for...the Barneys Love Yourself Event. Oh, and CultBeauty should be sometime soon-ish. And those are just the ones I remember off hand, not the ones that I constantly stumble upon!! 

Recap: January 2016

Since I'm not posting that often (for now), I thought I would try to incorporate an end of month post, where I recap bits and pieces that might otherwise not get mentioned (or not mentioned for awhile) - or hey, maybe just stuff I want to let you know about!!

Revisiting My Collection: Liners

I mentioned HERE that I was going to go through my collection piece by piece. Here's the first installment! By doing this, I'm hoping to achieve the following:

  1. Identify any products that need to be purged.
  2. Appreciate what I already have rather than always looking for the new.
  3. Identify holes in my collection or products/colors I feel I'm missing. I know this one seems completely the opposite of what I'm trying to achieve (as mentioned in THIS post), but the reasoning here is that if I have enough to choose from then I won't be as tempted. 

Agent Nateur N° 3 Deodorant

Normally I would mention deodorants only in Empties posts, but this one I wanted to talk about because it's been getting a lot of visibility on blogs, videos and magazines. 

I posted HERE that the Holiday Giveaway 2015 was going to be a surprise! I thought a surprise would be fun and different, but after thinking about it for a bit I realize that might not have been the best idea??? Plus I would hate for someone to win one of the gifts and then have a lot of the products already and be disappointed. So I changed my mind and am going to list the goodies you could win! 

Beauty Thoughts VI

I've breezed through the Holiday collections more or less unscathed, which I'm very happy about!!!

Except for Tom Ford Black Out Lacquer but that's nails and doesn't count. Right. And the little Laura Mercier trio (here) because I'm almost finished (SERIOUSLY almost finished with a highlighter can we celebrate that for a sec - who cares that it's a mini ha ha!!) with the mini Matte Radiance Baked Powder in Highlight 01 - didn't want to get a full size because the packaging is really bulky for traveling and it's taken over a year to finish the mini anyway.