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Mini Review: Tom Ford Makeup Remover

You know how you get a bit bored of using the same product, even though it's a favorite?!! I was starting to feel that way about the Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water and decided to see if the Tom Ford Makeup Remover could replace it. Plus I've never tried anything from the Tom Ford skincare line!

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Tom Ford Makeup Remover -

Tom Ford Makeup Remover, $45/5oz @ Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks 

The bottle is plastic...not what I'd expect from Tom Ford, but given the $45 price tag it's not unforgivable. Not saying $45 is cheap, but given the larger 5oz size I'd expect to pay more to get a glass bottle of this size. Regardless, the packaging is still sleek and in line with the rest of his products. 

Tom Ford Makeup Remover -

This is a bi-phase makeup remover (the bottle is slightly frosty so it was a little hard to capture in pics, but at least you can kind of see the bubbles in the middle where it starts to mix) - somehow I missed that in the description?? Not a bad thing, but I prefer something I don't have to shake up. Anyway!

This removes makeup well, and rivals my favorite Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water in that department. It might even be slightly better than KGD at removing stubborn eye makeup and lipstick stains that have been on all day, though I still don't think either is as quick or thorough as a cleansing oil. 

I'd give this 2 thumbs up except that it leaves a slight residue that doesn't just rinse off with water, or even with a muslin/baby cloth. I definitely feel like I need to use a cleanser afterward just to remove the residue. With KGD I feel like I can get away with just rinsing with water and a muslin/baby cloth (EDIT: I don't feel KGD leaves a residue, but I still rinse with water because I know I applied product & the cloth is used on lazy days for extra oomph when KGD is all I use). I mean I still double cleanse, but I do it just to be sure rather than feeling like I NEED to (as with the Tom Ford). Then again, I haven't used a ton of bi-phase makeup removers so I'm not sure if this is typical?? 

Tom Ford Makeup Remover -

Tom Ford Makeup Remover -

I'll finish this up, but won't be repurchasing. I really am not into makeup removers that don't rinse clean...when I use a cleanser afterward I want it to clean my skin vs. needing it to clear away makeup remover. Any recs for other Tom Ford skincare to try...or should I just stay away???!!?!


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