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That Time I Spent All Night Practicing Liner...

Ok all night is an exaggeration ha ha!! A couple of hours is more like it, but it seemed longer because by the second time I removed the liner my eye area was feeling tender. Wait. What am I even talking about in the first place?!!?!

Remember all the times I've complained about my lack of skills in the eye look department...not just shadow but liner and everything else too...and have more or less denounced wearing anything but a wash or super simple look? If you don't know you can catch up on the latest posts HERE and HERE

Sooooo...I've been thinking lately that perhaps I need to revisit things. That perhaps part of my problem is simply due to lack of skills. I can muddle through and fake a smokey eye, but anything more than that is kind of beyond me. I always marvel at these women in videos that can whiz through eye makeup and blend like they were born with a shadow brush in their hand!! I mean, I still think I prefer a simple look on me, but I also don't want to make myself timid about trying things out or sporting something different. Options, right?!! 

In an attempt to be all crazy and go outside my comfort zone, I decided I'd start by trying to up my eyeliner skills. It takes forever because I can't quite get things even or straight and such. Here's how things went!!

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Left pic is the before...right pic is the after, to show how much I used (LOL that's one way to use things up!)...

Weapon of choice was the Armani Smooth Silk Waterproof Eye Pencil in #2 Brown. They don't call this Smooth Silk for nothing!! I don't think I've done a proper review, but if you haven't tried it yet I'd highly recommend it. It's super duper smooth and creamy (not tugging!!), yet gives you just enough time to play with it a bit before it sets. One slight drawback I found during this little experiment was that I had to sharpen it after each application in order to be able to have a more precise line. If you are doing a smudgy look you won't need to sharpen it each time though.

Master of selfies coming your way!! Yeah, right ha ha!! Anyway, I think this was the third or 4th attempt...I have such a hard time getting the thickness of the liner equal on both sides - and I actually need it slightly thicker on my left eye corner (right eye as I'm facing you in the pic - the thinner line) to balance things out. But that's what we are practicing for, yes?!!! I also tried to do a slight wing. Meh.

The aftermath!!!

I think I ended up applying, and removing a total of 5 times...and my eyes sure hurt afterward (even with taking breaks!). I think after the second time I finally smartened up and got the eye cream out so I could reapply that, too. 

What did I learn??? I need more practice. LOTS more practice. 

Did any of my skills improve? Sadly, no LOLOL :-)  But at least I used up some product👍  

There's always next time, right?!?!! 


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