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I Love My...Mugs!!

I meant to make the 'I Love My...' post a regular series, but somehow I got sidetracked. And one post does not a series make ha ha!! So here's my second attempt, to take a little break from the regular and show you non-beauty things I love :-)  

This time...the newest additions to my mug collection! Why you ask? Because I love drinking tea or coffee, and more importantly, I love and appreciate the ritual and time taken to sit and enjoy a moment...

***Items purchased by me. Non affiliate links included.

L to R: 

Valentine Mini Heart Mug (I ordered the matching bowl but it's on backorder), $10 @ West Elm

Blue dot mug from West Elm (not available online), set of 4 bought on sale

Valentine Teeny Heart Mug (I also have the matching bowl!), $10 @ West Elm

Vincent Van Gogh, Green Wheat Fields Quote Mug, $12.95 @ National Gallery of Art

Not an art buff or anything of the sort, and despite taking a couple of Art History courses...well...not sure I remember anything except that I can memorize the sh** out of something the night before a test ha ha!! So while I can't regurgitate artists, dates and museums anymore, I still am drawn to van Gogh and especially loved the quote on the back of this mug :-)  Plus it reminds me of the time Mr. G & I spent in Washington, DC for our anniversary a few months ago!! 

Do you have a ritual or anything you like to do to enjoy a moment? 


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