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2015 Skincare Favorites

2015 Skincare Favorites

Are you ready for some skincare favorites to top off 2015?!!! 

***All items purchased by me. Links are non-affiliate. This is not a sponsored post.***

2015 Skincare Favorites -

2015 Skincare Favorites -


I'm so behind in reviews that 4 out of 5 of these I haven't properly talked about on the blog - apologies for that, but at least this will be some new reading :-) 

Belif The True Cream - Moisturizing Bomb, $22/.84oz or $$38/1.64oz @ Sephora

Before finding this I was on the hunt for a moisturizing toner to help with some deeper hydration issues I was feeling, as mentioned HERE. But with this moisturizer has completely taken care of all my moisture needs, including the lack of deeper hydration. I do still layer an oil underneath, but I no longer have the need for a moisturizing toner and I don't feel at all dry during the day (my forehead, cheeks and neck are desert dry!). I'm pretty excited about this, as I was looking for a new moisturizer anyway (bored) - PLUS I don't need the extra toner step. The Belif Moisturizing Bomb is pretty lightweight, absorbs well and isn't greasy. I did try the Belif Aqua Bomb, but didn't like it nearly as much. I'm already on my second full-size tub! 

Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic + Retinol Eye Cream, $68/.5oz @ various retailers

This was a discovery due to the Caroline Hirons x CultBeauty box full of Caroline Hirons favorite products. For this product alone it was worth it because this eye cream is absolutely fantastic. Remember the Medicell eye masks mentioned HERE, and how it would be amazing to find an eye cream the produced the same effect? Well this is close - it really plumps up my fine lines to the point where I don't see them on one eye, and on the other eye where they are deeper I barely notice them. It's somewhat of an airbrushed look, and is extremely hydrating. I have super duper dry under eyes, so I still layer my favorite Sisley Eye and Lip Contour Cream over it, but for most people this will definitely be enough. I even like it more than my old standby, Sunday Riley Start Over Active Eye Cream, and also my old/new favorite the Amore Pacific Intensive Vitalizing Eye Essence. In fact, I'm struggling to finish the Amore Pacific since I started using this Dr. Dennis Gross!! I'll finish it, but won't be purchasing it again because the DG is that much better. 

Bio-Essence Miracle Bio Water Jelly Makeup Remover, approximately $22/200mL @

My new favorite makeup remover. I'd describe it as a very watery-gel like, micellar water. I haven't tried it on waterproof mascara, but it takes off my Bioderma sunscreen with no problem, along with normal eye makeup + primer. It's just so very gentle as far as no tugging or pulling necessary (which is sometimes the case with balm-type or thicker cleansers), and it doesn't bother my eyes. Other reviews say it does bother their eyes so that's something to look out for. It also has a very strong fragrance. I didn't like it at all at first, but I loved how effective and easy it was that I kept using it. Now I've gotten used to the smell and it doesn't bother me. Overall, it's just a super easy product to use and rinses clean. I've already purchased a second bottle. 

Leven Rose 100% Pure and Organic Jojoba Oil, Cold-Pressed and Unrefined, approximately $14/4oz @ Amazon

I thought it would be a VERY long time until I tried and loved another oil apart from the African Botanics Pure Marula Oil. It was a 2014 Skincare Favorite, and I've gone through a couple bottles at least. I had also tried the neroli version and loved that as well.

Then I received a deluxe sample of the MV Organics Jojoba Oil from one of the CultBeauty goody bags and was really impressed with the results - seemed to moisturize even better than the African Botanics Pure Marula Oil without making my oily nose and chin more oily (those parts actually seemed oh so slightly less oily). Plus I really liked how it felt when applied - super smooth and silky without feeling like silicone. 

I didn't want to order anything else from CultBeauty at the time, so I decided to order the Leven Rose from Amazon. It was the highest ranked one that wasn't completely loaded with 'provided with product' reviews. I like the Leven Rose version better than the MV Organics one because A) it's cheaper, B) it's easier for me to order, C) it has no smell that I can detect - not sure what the difference is because both brands say their jojoba oils are cold-pressed and unrefined, D) somehow it feels even smoother than the MV Organics. 

Glycolix Elite Treatment Pads 20%, $23-32/60 pads @ various retailers

I had the 15% version in my 2014 Skincare Favorites, and during 2014 moved up to the 20%. I thought the 15% were great and find the 20% even more effective. And if I had to choose 1 product that has made the biggest difference in my skin it would be these glycolic acid pads. They really help speed up healing and lessen marks left by acne (or, ahem, picking), are brightening, help with texture and moisture retention and also help keep my skin more clear than without them. If you aren't used to glycolic, start with the 10% version and work your way up. 

Have you tried any of these products?? What did you think??

On a side note...

Apologies for the unexpected hiatus!! I had planned on taking a little time off for the Holidays, but then a little bit of time turned into a lot of time and then it was hard to get back into the blog swing of things ha ha! I'm behind on responding to comments, but please know I'm slowly working on catching up :-)  

Also, going forward into the foreseeable future I will only be posting 1x/week. There have been times during this past year where I've tried doing 2-3x/week, but get too overwhelmed and then get into cycles where I don't want to blog or end up taking long breaks. Thinking if I post less then that will help things!!

A very HAPPY (& belated) New Year to everyone!!!! Hope you all enjoyed some relaxing time (and of course yummy treats!!!!)! 

xoxoxo Gummy

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