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Recent Duds

Recent Duds

I've had a few products that I have not particularly liked lately, and thought I would round them up into a single post instead of individual ones. Here goes! 

***All items purchased by me. Non-affiliate links included. This is not a sponsored post.***


Click image to enlarge. Recent Duds -


1. Estee Lauder Double Wear Pencil in Pink Gold - Bought this because I wanted a quick way to brighten my lower lash line. I've been using shadow or powder highlighter, but sometimes those get into my eyes and I thought a pencil would be a good way to remedy that problem. Plus, with Double Wear in the name I thought this pencil would wear like iron. Not so much. First, it had glitter in it and that actually irritated my eyes a lot. Second, it didn't last longer than any other random pencil. 

2. NUDESTIX Clean-Up Pencil - This is supposed to be a quick-fix clean up stick to fix all kind of makeup mistakes. I wanted it to clean up the lip line and also to clean up random eye smudges during the day. Though it did remove smudges and mascara pretty well, I found it tugged too much on the eye area so it's not something I'd want to use on a regular basis there. Around my lip line it only managed to fade mistakes instead of correcting them.  

3. Rahua Volumizing Dry Shampoo - This actually does add a little bit of volume and manages to help achieve a somewhat lived in look...for the first day. After that my roots felt particularly heavy and dirty (maybe the clay in the ingredient list is to blame?) and I'd end up washing my hair. And that kind of defeats the purpose of a dry shampoo! 

4. Glycolix Elite Facial Toner with Chamomile Extract and CO-Q10 - I've been in search of a toner that will add just a teeny tiny bit of moisture without irritating my skin or causing clogs. This didn't fit the bill. By the second day I had little irritation bumps around my nose and mouth. On good note, I think I finally realized I can't use toners anymore that have witch hazel! If not for the witch hazel this might have worked. 

That's it for now - well except quite a few samples I didn't like...but at least those were only samples ha ha! How about you - have you had any products lately that you didn't get along with??

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