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Clinique Cheek Pops In Pink Pop, Heather Pop & Pansy Pop

Clinique Cheek Pops In Pink Pop, Heather Pop & Pansy Pop

I've been wearing the Clinique Cheek Pops for about the past month! I've been rotating colors and also layering them on top of Burberry Earthy (geez forgot how much I love this one!!) or Burberry Misty blushes. Bottom line: I LOVE these things!!!

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Clinique Cheek Pops in Heather Pop (bottom left), Pink Pop (top) & Pansy Pop (bottom right) -

Clinique Cheek Pops, $21/.12oz

I wasn't interested in the Cheek Pops when they were first released - none of the colors piqued my interest. But this time around...ACK - I had a hard time deciding on colors!! And gosh look at that flower beautiful!!!

At first it was difficult getting the color to show up because I was using the Surratt Cheek Brush. It's too soft to pick up much pigment, and it took forever to get the color built up. But then I tried it with the Tom Ford Cheek Brush and it's perfect...stiff and dense enough to pick up the product, but soft enough to blend out the color. 

I'll admit the texture isn't my favorite...I prefer the soft, creaminess of Burberry...but OOOOOOH the finish more than makes up for it!!! Seriously the finish on these Cheek Pops is gorgeous...luminous and radiant, but nothing over the top. It's that perfect, natural glow! Remember back in THIS post, when I mentioned how all my blushes were looking powdery? Well with the Cheek Pops, I've finally got my blush groove back!! 

Did I mention I love the packaging too?? The thick, clear plastic is super sturdy and seems more luxurious than the $21 price tag would normally suggest. Plus it's so convenient to be able to see at a glance what color you are reaching for. 

Clinique Cheek Pop swatches in Pink Pop, Heather Pop & Pansy Pop -

Here are some swatches in sunlight, each color shows a light and a heavy swatch. Remember my skin tends to pull things warm, so these are probably warmer than how they might look on you. Heather and Pink might look close in the heavy swatches, but I think the lighter swatches show the difference...on my face Heather looks a bit more neutral. Though you can see a little shimmer in the swatches, it's very subtle and once applied all I see is natural radiance vs. any shimmer. 

Clinique Cheek Pop swatches in Pink Pop & Heather Pop -

Here's a closer look at Heather and Pink.

Clinique Cheek Pop swatches in Pansy Pop -

Here's a closer look at Pansy.

Clinique Cheek Pop swatches in Pink Pop, Heather Pop & Pansy Pop -

Clinique Cheek Pop swatches in Pink Pop, Heather Pop & Pansy Pop -

Here's an angle where you can see the shimmer better. 

So...yep...I love these Cheek Pops!!! What do you think? Have you tried them yet?

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