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Last October, I did a sample use up & clean out with Bronzer Bunny HERE. While I didn't completely finish a ton of samples, I did manage to at least try out quite a bit. That coupled with what I purged - well I was feeling pretty darn happy about the little I had left! The sample stash has grown to annoying size again, despite my efforts to give a lot away. I posted the evidence on Instagram, and kept waffling while trying to decide to use them or admit defeat and give most away. I decided to give most of them away. Then I changed my mind, and here we are LOL! 

Bronzer Bunny (mentioned in THIS post) and Jules Darling are doing another sample clean out for the month of June, and I'm going to join them! No rules or anything, just going to see how much we can use and post final progress at the end :-)  Here's where I am so far...

EDIT: Also joining in... Andie @ Techno Cupcake!

I've tried 3 samples so far YAY! The Renee Rouleau cleanser seemed nice, but not enough in there to give it a good go. The other 2 I didn't like so I won't be finishing those. 

If you'd like to join us, let me know and I'll add your link to this post! And if you want to share your progress throughout the month on Instagram, use #junesamplemonth. Below is a snapshot of how the other 2 ladies are doing so far :-) 


Swatch & Comparison: Burberry Sheer Eye Shadow in Storm Grey & Graphite

Empties: April and May 2014