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The Un-Purge

Not too long ago, I was playing around with some of the structure and individual pages of the blog. Whooooooops - Blog Sale page was accidentally deleted. UGH!!!!!!!!! Despite the huge annoyance and utter laziness to put another one up, it actually turned out to be a good thing in a strange way! 

How can that possibly be good??? The fact that none of the products were technically up on the Blog Sale anymore made me reevaluate, and I ended up pulling a few things out of the pile!

***All items purchased by me.***

Rodial White Brightening Cleanser

I purchased this last year during one of the SpaceNK GWP bag events...Bronzer Bunny and I split bag and qualifying amount for the bag since neither of us wanted to spend the full amount. This was one of the items I decided to try - not sure why except that I've wanted to try Rodial products for awhile! I tried it twice and tossed it on the Blog Sale pile because it left a slight film on my skin...have I told you how much I HATE cleansers that leave a film??!!

Why I decided to un-purge: For the past several months, I've regularly been using either a muslin or baby wash cloth to remove cleanser. This method provides a nice, light bit of exfoliation in addition to helping remove excess cleanser (and makeup if I haven't double cleansed). Thought, why don't I try using a cloth to remove the Rodial cleanser film...maybe it'll help??

And now: Ummmm...this might be my new favorite cleanser now. Maybe. I love love love Omorovicza Cleansing Foam (review HERE), but this one is completely different. It doesn't foam in the least and has a thicker, gel-like consistency. Something about it feels very soothing, and despite it containing glycolic acid it doesn't dry my skin out. Plus it leaves my skin amazingly soft and almost plump. Can't speak to the brightening effects yet, but so far I'm really happy I decided to give this one a second chance. 

Chanel Raffinement Quad

Original review HERE. While I didn't absolutely and totally love this quad due to it not being in my top shadow formulas, I did like it a lot and was using it quite a bit. Then I wasn't using it at all because I was onto other things. This hadn't quite made it to the Blog Sale page but was definitely in the purge pile to go bye bye...ultimately decided I could achieve super duper similar looks using colors in other formulas I loved instead of liked a lot. 

Why I decided to un-purge: Honestly I don't know??? Except that while packing for my last work trip, I heard Raffinement screaming for me to give it another go. So into the makeup bag it went.

And now: Holy why did I purge this in the first place??? It is so pretty and wearable and easy to blend and goes with so many different other face makeup colors! I really loved using it this past week, and will not let it get purged again. I can only blame my thoughtlessness to my incessant purging sometimes feels like a disease I can't control and I get into these moods of PURGE ANY AND EVERYTHING THAT I'M NOT LOVING AT THIS VERY SECOND. Noted...that method doesn't always work out!

Deborah Lippman polish in Stop and Stare and Lady is a Tramp

Ok, here's the thing...I actually love the few Deborah Lippman polishes I've tried! They are so utterly smooth and easy to apply and she has some amazing colors. But for whatever reason, I didn't want to have to say I was wearing something called Lady is a Tramp. You know...girl power and feminism and all that jazz (insert Alias ass kicking clip here)...yet I'll be the first to crack a dirty joke. Ha ha, anyway...because of my weird feeling about the names I found myself not wanting to wear these colors. Super odd I know!! I even feel odd writing about it, but's the truth LOL :-)

Why I decided to un-purge: Decided the name thing was kind of silly, especially for these 2 colors...most notably because Stop and Stare isn't really a bad name (it was more guilt by association??). Plus, these reds are gorgeous...and the formula is fantastic. And it doesn't bother other people, so why should I be all prim about it?!! 

And now: I haven't used these colors yet, but I will. Can't say I'll want to buy her Between the Sheets color, but I'm not going to let that stop me from wearing what I already own or seeking out other colors :-)

All this made me realize that perhaps I need to be a bit more thoughtful in the whole purge decision process!! And you...have you resurrected anything from the purge pile lately?!!


Sara Happ Lip Scrub in Sparkling Pink Grapefruit & Bite Beauty Whipped Cherry Lip Scrub

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