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Gummy's Travel Makeup

I showed you what was in my makeup bag (here) for when I'm working as a Stewardess, but that was what I carried in my little tote bag...those are items I reach for most often during the working day. In this post I'll show you what I carried in my suitcase on my last trip!! This is the selection I brought with me to apply makeup in the morning. 

**No Press Samples. Each item was either purchased by me or a GWP. All shopping links are unaffiliated**  


Here's my makeup case at the moment. It's a Tumi cosmetic case that I purchased last year I think? I wanted to get another one as a backup because I love it so much, but haven't been able to find one since. I need to check the outlet...

Front gusset zipper pocket...

And several other zippered compartments, as well as a hook to hang the case up if needed. For this trip I only used 2 of the compartments, but sometimes I use more depending on what I bring and how I want to organize. I love that this is relatively flat, and doesn't take up a ton of room. 

I do love this and it works most of the time, but if I'm testing out a lot of product or simply want to bring more just because...then I have use something else - to be seen in a future post!!

This is everything from the inner front compartment...

Ta daaaaah!! The Sephora Peach Beige shadow is a shade I discovered last year. It's my go to quick, all over wash of shadow look that helps me feel a bit more put together on minimal makeup days. I think I've already finished one of these this year, and you can see I'm almost ready for another one! I've made a small dent in RBR Bohemian Waxing already and like it for just a bit more depth and definition. Watts Up I like to use as a very subtle and quick all over wash on my lids (thanks, Bronzer Bunny!!).

The MUFE brow pencil is a dark brown...I find it's more believable on me than a grey or soft black. Then again, I only use it to fill in a few sparse areas and not all over. I use the BB foundation stick if I'm in a hurry for foundation and as a quick spot concealer.  

This is everything from the main, inner compartment. See my OCD tendencies in full force here - if it has a pouch it's kept in the pouch even for traveling. When not in current rotation everything is kept in its original box. Surely I can't be the only one?? LOL :-)

Ok, so the angle and lighting makes TF Orchid Haze look a little deceiving - it looks like I've made a significant dent it it already! Promise I haven't even though I've been using it fairly regularly the past couple of weeks...absolutely loved but no dent ha ha!!

Didn't have enough room to label everything in the picture, so here are the numbered items: 

1. Burberry eyeshadow in Gold Trench - this one doesn't get much use. I should take it out, but I do use it sometimes when I try to blend out colors. Problem is I just don't blend out that much LOL :-) 

2. Rouge Bunny Rouge blush in Delicata

3. Rouge Bunny Rouge blush in Gracilis

4. NARS blush in Douceur 

5. Rouge Bunny Rouge bronzer in At Goldcombe Bay - love!

The RBR and NARS blushes are fantastic for travel because they are slim in profile and I can carry several options without a lot of bulk. The Guerlain Wulong compact...sad to say I used the original powder until it fell apart and was no longer usable. Guerlain unfortunately does not sell the Wulong refill, so the Voyage refill is the next best thing. 

Loving the Tom Ford eye primer and Orchid Haze. They will be in posts soon. In the Pink is ok - the texture is really nice but I would rather have seen these colors in some sort of palette with the colors from She Wolf or something different. On my skin tone they are nice base colors, but alone they don't do much. Texture is really good though - soft and almost buttery. Kevyn Aucoin Celestial highlighter is a perennial I plan to always have around!!  The Sayuki foundation I decanted into this small pump bottle...the original bottle is way to big to bring with. 

This is a little less than I usually bring on work trips. I like to have choices because some days I have the time to do a full FULL face, and other days I'd rather sleep in a little. I'm waking up at 3 am a lot of days so I think that's allowed, right?!! Ha ha! Anyway, for each trip I try to change things up a bit...I'm really trying to rotate a bit more so everything gets more use since I don't wear much makeup when I'm home. 

...and that's it!! Or is that a lot?? Hey, I like what I like and can't help it sometimes :-) 

***Edited: Claire From The Land of Lorp  pointed out the absence of lip products. Forgot them because I don't keep them in this case. I keep them in the pouch that I stow in my work tote...the one I showed in my first makeup bag post (here) that I also mentioned above. It's more convenient to keep them there since I use them during the day, and the above case is always kept in my suitcase. Thanks, Claire!!***


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