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The Skincare Diaries: Lipstick Boulevards

Another edition to The Skincare Diaries Series! This time, please welcome the pretty lady with all the pretty lippy swatches and a penchant for By Terry!! Check her blog out here @ Lipstick Boulevards. You can also chat with her on Twitter @LipstickBlvds. She is also running a fantastic giveaway for a Kevyn Aucoin 'The Eyeshadow Duo' (HERE)!!!   


Hey guys ! I am the blogger behind Lipstick Boulevards :) Today I will be sharing with you guys my skincare routine.

My skin type : I have combination skin aka very dry cheeks and a slightly oily T-zone .

Background : I did not suffer from  hormonal acne in my teens or early twenties but my skin is very sensitive and once in a while because of product ingredients I break out . My break outs are not very severe and I usually don't get more then 5-6 spots  .  I am quite pale and I have slightly rosiness around my nose and on my cheeks but nothing too severe . 

Skincare Philosophy : I believe in paying attention to ingredients and not getting swayed but product hype ( cough *La Mer * cough) and I also think it is important to treat your skin with kindness . Skincare is not just based on topical treatments . It is imperative  to be mindful of our diet , water intake and sleeping patterns .

As far as products are concerned , I believe in using a mixture of Vitamins and other ingredients to cater to your specific skin needs .Lastly , whether we like to admit it or not genetics plays a HUGE role in how we age and it is important to take care of our skin but also learn to love the skin you have . 

Skincare Routines


 Morning :

  1. Cleanse: I wash my face with a cream cleanser . Right now , I am using the Natura Bisse Tolerance cleanser 
  2. Tone: Paula's choice CLEAR Solution With 2% Salicylic Acid .
  3. Exfoliate: I use the Tachta Rice Enzyme powder . This step is optional and I only do it if my skin is flaky .
  4. Moisturize: I moisturize with the Rosaliac AR Intense by La Roche-Posay which helps to temporarily tone down the rosiness in my cheeks and then I follow that up with the Chantecaille 'Vital Essence' Serum . I use the serum around my eyes as well it helps to moisturize the skin and keep it soft it supple throughout the day .
  5. Sunscreen: Right now I am using the La Roche Posay XL line ( Euro exclusive ) on my face , Clarins Sunscreen in Spf 30 for eyes and Vanicream Spf 60 for my arms . I reapply my sunscreen every two hours when I am out in the sun .

Evening (5pm when I get off work): 

  1. Makeup Removal: I take off my makeup with a cleansing oil . Right now I am using the one from Boscia . I do not use a separate eye makeup remover because I do not like rubbing my eye area . I just apply a layer of the oil to my eye lids and lashes and everything washes right off .
  2. Cleanse: Natura Bisse Tolerance cleanser
  3. Tone: Paula's choice CLEAR Solution With 2% Salicylic Acid 
  4. Moisturize: Chantecaille 'Vital Essence' Serum .


Night Time (quick wash with water later in the night and before bed):

  1. Serums: I apply a layer of the Chantecaille Retinol Intense' Cream . The cream has a low % of retinol so you will not be left with flaky or irritated skin . Then apply a Vitamin C serum ( Korres wild rose serum ).
  2. Moisturize: NIA24 skin strengthening complex . 
  3. Eye Cream: I am using the Natura Bisse Eye balm . The balm is supremely hydrating and helps to soothe any redness or irritation I have around my eyes.

I want to further elaborate on my night time routine and explain the reasoning behind using serums with Retinol , Vitamin C and Vitamin B3 . Retinol helps to reduce the time it takes for your skin to turn over cells and it helps to prevent the breakdown of collagen . While Vitamin C helps to lighten hyper pigmentation and gently exfoliate the skin . Lastly , Vitamin B3 or Niacin help to inhibit the release of melanin and thus help in reducing hyper pigmentation . All three work in conjugation to not only delay the signs of aging but help to prevent hyper pigmentation . They also help to fade existing scars and keeping my skin fresh and healthy .  I know , I am only 25 but its never to early too start taking care of your skin .

Special Treatments:

 I usually do these in the evening and before my night time routine . I do these on alternate days of the week and I never do all of these together in one night .

DIY masks: I love doing little DIY treaments during the week . One of my all time favorite masks is the avocado and honey mask . You need 1/2 avocado and 1/4 tsp of honey . Mix these together and then slather all over our face and neck . Then wash it off after an hour .

Sheet masks: who doesn't love these ? My favorite are the whitening and moisturizing range from Silk Whitia . It it important to top these off with a finish mask like the Natura Bisse Essential Shock Finishing mask  . After the sheet mask has dried,  I apply a finishing mask and then wait 10 mins . Then I take a tissue and wipe off the excess .

Glycolic peel: I love doing these peels ! I usually do these on a Friday night before my night time routine . Right now , I am using my samples of the Natura Bisse Glyco extreme peel but I also love the Brazilian peel .

Blackhead Removal:  I use the Boscia Luiminizing mask to get rid of black heads on my nose. 

Lip Treatments: I use the Nuxe treatment in the morning and By Terry Baume de rose over night 

And that is all ! Sounds like a lot doesnt it ?I have made this routine a habit and it barely takes me any time . I hope this was interesting to you guys and once again thank you Gummy for this amazing opportunity !




My Week in Lips!

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