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My Week in Lips!

I was asked by the lovely Claire @ Aucuparia Brumalis to do the Lipstick Week tag :-)  Her blog is full of fantastic reviews, beautiful pictures and she'll definitely get your Wish List going. Most of all she is one of the bloggers I'm so happy to have met on this Wild West called the blogosphere!!! You can also find her on Twitter @ClaireBrumalis

Claire did an amazing job with the Lipstick Week tag - if you visit her blog, you'll find all the posts on the main page. The tag calls for 7 different posts on lipsticks that you have worn to make up a full week of posts. Seemed a bit daunting to do that many single lipstick posts. Plus, I've not been posting much in recent months and if I keep posting the same amount, I thought you might not want to see almost 2 full months of only lipstick?? Or maybe you do? LOL!! Anyway...I have instead opted to do a single post to include all the lip products I wore this past week. I made an extra effort to wear lipstick more often since this was based on the LIPSTICK Week tag :-) 

Wearing lipstick, period, was a challenge!! I generally run to my nearest gloss out of sheer laziness. I'd prefer to be more of a lipstick girl but the thought of getting mirror, liner, lipstick and then taking the time to do it...eeeek... 

But I did really try this past week! While I may not have worn lipstick all day, everyday of said week...I did manage to wear lipstick for for 5 days! I think that's some kind of record - this from the woman who could easily go a month without wearing a single lipstick! I'm pretty excited!!! 

Ok, so you may note there are more than 7 lip products. That's because I often end up not wanting to reapply lipstick and decide to finish out the day in lip gloss :-) 

The culprits:

MAC Lustre in Lustering

Burberry Lip Mist in Pink Heather (review here)

Burberry Lip Mist in Copper (review here)

Burberry mini Lip Velvet in Pink Amber

Bite Beauty Custom Color (I was in the a Sephora in Orange County and they had a special GWP where if you purchased any Bite Beauty product then you received a free custom lip color - more in a post to come!) 

Bite Beauty Line and Define Lip Primer

Rodin Lip Balm (review here)

Kevyn Aucoin The Elegant Lip Gloss in Cloudaine (review here)

 ...and onto the swatches!

Outdoor sunlight - click image to enlarge

Shade - click image to enlarge

For the balms and glosses...

This is my second container of the Rodin Lip Balm and I still love it. While it looks like a clear swatch, once on my lips it gives the most beautiful iridescence - I'm still looking for a non-pot gloss that will give me the same effect because I'd love to wear this during the day (I only wear it at night or in the morning right after my morning skincare routine). 

Burberry Rosewood - I love the color, but I think I've finally decided I don't care for the Burberry Lip Glow formula. While I find it very moisturizing and comfortable to wear, it just doesn't last on me. If I'm at work I find I need to apply every hour or home I can get a bit longer wear but not by much. Reapplying that often is flat out annoying!

Chantecaille Pink Melon - I still love this color and the formula!!!  

Kevyn Aucoin Cloudaine - Love the color and formula, but I think I've decided I don't want to buy anymore colored glosses/balms in a pot. I end up not using them often enough past the initial excitement phase - just don't like the idea of fingers in a pot!! I don't mind using lip balms for my night/morning skincare routines because I always make sure my hands are washed. OCD, much...ugh...I know...

Partial shade - click image to enlarge

Outdoor sunlight - click image to enlarge

MAC Lustering  - I purchased this color after seeing Lily Pebbles rave about it in one of her videos. It looked beautiful on her!!! I don't have the same coloring, but was really drawn to the color. I really liked the formula a lot - moisturizing, not heavy, average wear. But the color just isn't right for ended up having a lack of vividness and not the right undertone once on my lips. I think. Eh, in some lighting I really liked it, but in other lighting it looks terrible. What to do...  Oh, I did used this with the Bite Beauty liner/primer and for some reason it still seemed to bleed a bit (the other colors I wore the liner/primer with did not bleed).

Burberry Pink Heather - Aaaaaahhh!!! I hadn't worn this in awhile and was reminded how much I love this color!!! It's the perfect pop of nude-y pink once on my lips...brightens up my face a bit without being, well, in your face :-)  Plus I really do love the formula - hydrating, comfortable, easy to wear!! 

Burberry Copper - I really loved this color when I first got it and wore it quite a bit, but when I wore it this past week I wasn't diggin' it as much. Just seemed a bit off and I'm not sure why??? 

Burberry Pink Amber - Oh, mama...Gummy has discovered a new favorite!!! I absolutely love this color and hadn't tried it before!!! On my lips it ends up looking more like the sunny picture on the left...more warm and only slightly pink. The formula is super easy to wear and felt really moisturizing for a proper lipstick. I used it along with the Bite Beauty liner/primer and it only needed reapplying after eating.  

Bite Custom Color - I'm not sure if I love this color yet, but I really like it!! In some lighting I love it, but in other lighting I'm not so enamored. Not sure what it is. In the swatches it looks similar to Burberry Pink Heather, but I can assure you once on my lips they look different! Anyway, the formula is nice - it feels a bit heavier than some other lipsticks, but it's actually quite moisturizing and seems to have good lasting power (I also used this with the liner/primer). In general I've found Bite Beauty products to have a heavier feel than other brands.  

So that's My Week in Lips!!! Are you a lipstick wearer - do you think you could go an entire week wearing lipstick? I'm not going to tag anyone, but if you'd like to do you own Week in Lips I'd love to read about it!!


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