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Swatched: Guerlain Terracotta 4 Seasons Bronzer in 00Nude, Rouge Bunny Rouge Bronzing Glow Powder in At Goldcombe Bay

Fall collections are hitting stores, but Summer isn't over! There's still time for bronzer talk!!

I tried my very first bronzer last year...Chanel's Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base. I didn't use it very long because it caused irritation, but at the time I loved it! Looking back at pictures I used way too much and it ended up looking way too dark. Unfortunately I have a tendency to overdo any cheek product, a beauty faux pas I've been trying to work on as of late. Part of my remedy has been trying to layer more natural looking colors (Hello, Burberry Earthy!) and bronzers underneath a light wash of blush. 

Have I been successful? Hmmm...I's very difficult to downplay a lifetime of blush over-application! But when I feel I need to add that one last swipe, I've been really trying to just say no. Here are 2 bronzers that have been helping me ease into things...

Guerlain Terracotta 4 Seasons Bronzer in 00Nude, $75/.35oz @ Nordstrom,  Neiman Marcus

This comes in a beautiful compact - I have yet to be disappointed by Guerlain packaging! I also love that there is no wasted space with some applicator or brush I won't use :-) 

...and it comes in a protective velvet pouch. I know a lot of people find velvet pouches unnecessary and a waste, but I use them on a regular basis!! Especially when paying so much, I appreciate the details that make each package that much more special. Plus, I'm a bit OCD about keeping my makeup looking nice so everything stays in their respective pouches when in rotation. When not being used, everything gets put back in its box! 

4 colors make up this beautiful bronzer, one of which is the pink blush. The 3 bronzer colors are matte with no shimmer. The blush has a slight shimmer that is barely detectable when worn alone - when paired with the bronzer colors it gives the whole look a very natural (vs. matte) finish. 

The texture of the blush is soft and silky, but the bronzer texture is kind of hard - I actually found it a bit difficult to get arm swatches. I'm not sure if this is normal for powder bronzers or if mine is a fluke? For me, this harder texture is actually really good...makes it much more difficult to overdo. Although, I'm me so I'm sure I've overdone it at some point!! Ha ha!! 

The size of the blush is a bit small, and I have a hard time situating my brush in the pan to only get the pinky blush. So while I can't really get to the blush to wear it alone, I can wear the bronzer alone or layer the blush over the bronzer! 

At first I thought I loved this bronzer, but now I think I just REALLY like it a LOT!! Why don't I love it? I think the color is not quite what I want. The depth of color seems good, but otherwise it seems...slightly not quite orange, but something along those lines...just not in my mind what I'd consider ideal. For reference I'm around 2.5 Warm Sand in Bobbi Brown (though this is a touch dark), and I think around an NC20(?) in MAC. I used to be light-medium, but now I think I'm pretty solid in the light category with yellow to neutral undertones. Most reviewers in my light skin tone category have found this to be a great bronzer for them though!! 

Outdoor sunlight.  

Here are some swatches from other bloggers since I had a time getting swatches with the harder texture:

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Rouge Bunny Rouge Bronzing Glow Powder in At Goldcombe Bay, $39/.42oz @ Beautyhabit, (pricing for currency conversions are approximate)

*** Edited: if At Goldcombe Bay is too light for you, there is a slightly darker color called At Netherway Cove :-) 

Straight off - I LOVE this bronzer!!! The color is absolutely what I was hoping the Guerlain would be, and I like the texture much better!!  Plus it's around 1/2 the price of the Guerlain...and while not inexpensive, it's much easier to think about spending so much less! 

Back to it...I love the fun packaging - chic, whimsical and cute all at the same time. And with the color you definitely have no problem finding it in your makeup bag :-)   I do wish this had a pouch though...I hate to think of the pretty compact all scratched up!

It does comes with this sponge/puff, but I don't use it. 

Note the sizable mirror... 

While I don't have a ton of experience with bronzers, it seems as though one of the biggest challenges is finding the right color - not only for your skin tone, but also for what kind of look you are going for. I'm pretty certain I've found the perfect bronzer for my preference, and it's exactly what I've been looking for!!! 

The RBR texture is silky and smooth and blends really beautifully into my skin. It has very, very faint shimmer - not visible once applied but adds to the very natural (not flat or matte) finish. 

At Goldcombe Bay adds just the right hint of natural warmth to wear alone - it's that polished, no makeup makeup look! It also looks fantastic when layered with blush...I can't get over how much of a difference finding the right color makes - I liked the Guerlain a LOT...but I LOOOOOOVE RBR so much more!! But please keep in mind I am in the 'light' category :-)


The Beauty Professor has a great review on it with some additional pictures and swatches (also compared to At Netherway Cove)...I think her pictures of the compact are more true to life for actual product color - HERE.  

Outdoor sunlight. 

I posted this picture on Instagram to show the neutral/bronzy looks I've been loving. Since purchasing the RBR, I can't get enough and have been wearing it either alone or paired with RBR's Gracilis blush (review HERE). For the moment, Burberry and Guerlain have taken a backseat! 

What are your favorite bronzers? 


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