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Burberry Goodies: Burberry Lip Glow in Rosewood, Burberry Light Glow in Earthy, Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow in Porcelain, Gold Trench, Rosewood and Mulberry

I've had these for awhile (since Feb/Mar), but only recently did I finish test driving all the colors!!  

Sidenote...I don't think there have been any Pale Barley or Blossom sightings. I also asked a couple of Burberry counters about the collection with the cream shadows that ladies in Canada have seen and swatched - no one heard anything and seemed surprised when I showed them the screen shots I had taken on my phone. Has anyone out there heard differently about when this collection might be in US stores??

As for Pale Barley and Blossom...we patiently (or impatiently) are still waiting...but on one of my Burberry posts (HERE), Audrey posted in a comment that she emailed Constance @ the Flagship store in Chicago. She was told September. Thanks for updating us, Audrey!!

Burberry Lip Glow in Rosewood, $27/.2oz @ Nordstom, Saks Fifth Avenue,

Burberry Light Glow Natural Blush in Earthy, $42/.24oz @ Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, - I didn't put the links in for Nordstrom and Saks since this color is unavailable online...please check your local Nordstrom and Saks.

Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow in Porcelain, Gold Trench, Rosewood and Mulberry, $29/.088oz @ Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, - Not all these colors are available on all sites online...please check your local stores. 

Burberry Lip Glow in Rosewood

This isn't my absolute favorite lip gloss formula because I find the lasting power much less than most of the glosses I own. However, I do find this very moisturizing, comfortable and easy to wear :-)  Oh, I could do without the fragrance, but it seems to dissipate quickly. I reach for Rosewood often because it's a perfect neutral, slightly pinky gloss for me!! It also layers really well over a variety of other lip colors. 

No shimmer in this color :-) 

Burberry Light Glow Natural Blush in Earthy

Hands down, Burerry is my favorite of any blush formula I've tried so far. It might not be for everyone, but I love the creamy smoothness of the texture...blends beautifully and melts into my skin. Cream blushes tend to wear off very quickly on me, so this seems to be the perfect marriage of what I want from cream with the ease of a powder application. 

I've been wearing Earthy a much so that it has a visible dip in it!! It's got the perfect hint of pink to wear alone, and it's also neutral enough to wear layered under other colors. It also looks gorgeous with so many lip colors!

Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow in Porcelain, Gold Trench, Rosewood and Mulberry

Burberry shadows, along with Rouge Bunny Rouge, are so far the most favorite of any eyeshadow formulas I've tried. Burberry is so smooth, silky soft, creamy and feels amazing when applied. These shadows are a breeze to blend and the more neutral leaning colors are right up my alley. 

I've been wearing Porcelain as an all over wash when I'm wearing bronzer, so it's been getting more use as of late!!

Mulberry pulls really warm on me, so I have to be sure to tone it down with another color otherwise I look like I haven't slept in 2 years ha ha! Requires a bit more work but I've created some really nice combos!

This is taken in inside window light, and reflects the most true to pan swatches of all colors.

This best reflects how Earthy blush and Rosewood gloss show on my face. 

***Edited: Please keep in mind these are all heavy swatches. Especially with Earthy, it's not really that dark on my face - applied normally it looks very natural. I'll try to update later with some lighter Earthy swatches!!  

Outside sunlight. 

This best reflects how Porcelain, Gold Trench and Rosewood show on my eyes. I'm sorry Earthy looks patchy in this (and the next) pic...think I did the swatch too high on my arm. A combo of this pic and the next is how Mulberry looks on my eyes. 

Outdoor shade. 

Yay, Burberry!!! Do you have any of these colors? Any love or otherwise for them?? 


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