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Swatched: Tom Ford Eye Color Quad in Silvered Topaz

I picked up the Tom Ford Eye Color Quad in Silvered Topaz back when the Fall collection was released (see Fall swatches HERE). I blame Lipstick Boulevards for this particular purchase, since she kept telling me it was a must have!! 

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Tom Ford Eye Color Quad in Silvered Topaz, $78/.38oz @ Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Nordstrom, Saks

This comes in the signature Tom Ford packaging, along with the pouch (not pictured). Gorgeous as always! My only complaint about these quads is that they are really big, and not the most travel friendly. Especially if I want to carry more than one, it's cumbersome.

I guess I still wonder - not at Tom Ford specifically but in general - why brands still waste packaging space with more or less useless applicators?? One company that has taken a bit of notice is Kevyn Aucoin…the Candlelight highlighter now is in a much smaller container due to the removal of the sponge! That's progress :-) 

Indoor daylight bulbs

So back to Tom Ford. I've had this quad for some months now, and am still unsure whether it's a must have for me or not??? I really like the colors, but the texture isn't as nice as the new releases from Fall. The texture of this quad is more stiff and I find it a bit harder to work with. It's not difficult, per say…it's just not as smooth and soft and silky as Orchid Haze (swatched HERE). 

Outdoor sunlight

Like the Fall trios of In the Pink and She Wolf, the upper left glitter shade isn't a shade I like to use. Maybe on very rare occasions, such as New Year's or something I could see wearing this, but I won't wear it on even a remotely regular basis. 

Outdoor sunlight

Swatched, the colors are quite beautiful!! 

Outdoor shade

Indoor window light

Beautiful colors, so why am I not completely thrilled with this palette? 

1. The texture isn't what I prefer.

2. Not a fan of the glitter shade, which makes this an even more expensive item with mainly only 3 usable colors.

3. Minus the glitter, I'm not so sure the colors are unique to my collection. They might be unique in the pan, but once applied to my eye the colors look very similar to shades I already own. But, it is nice to have the colors in one place, which I suppose is the point of a palette LOL :-) 

What say you?? Do you have Silvered Topaz and love it, or are you on the fence like me??


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