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Mini Review: Armani High Precision Retouch

I've been on the hunt for an under eye concealer that will stand up to the constant smiling (read, creasing!!!) in my job as a Stewardess. I don't wear concealer often, but there are a few times here and there I feel I really need it and would like to have one I can count on! I need something that doesn't crease much, and will also work well with my very emollient eye cream. I don't think I've found the perfect one yet, but I thought this Armani one was worth mentioning, as I've decided to keep it instead of returning! 

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Armani High Precision Retouch in 3, $37/.14oz @ Nordstrom,, Saks and at other Armani counters.

I tried ordering this online the first time, but ended up with too light of a shade so I returned it for this one. I think it's a pretty good match for my purposes. The tube is pretty small, but you only need the teeniest amount to get the job done. So in that sense, I can still see this lasting quite awhile despite the size. 

To illustrate how small this is, I stood it next to a lipstick box. I actually like the size a lot because it means it doesn't take up much room in the makeup bag!

The packaging is nice and sleek, in line with the rest of the Armani Beauty packaging. 

This brush is super tiny, which is really good because it helps me not use too much product. All I do is dab the tip of the brush a couple of times under each eye and lightly pat in with my finger. I tried using a brush to blend it out, but found it wasted too much product because it ended up on the brush instead of my eye area. You could maybe finish it with a brush though, to ensure a nice and even application. 

This blends very nicely with my heavy eye cream - much better than anything else I've tried. I think it's due to the very thin consistency. I only have very minor darkness on some mornings, so I'm not sure how this will be if you have anything darker to cover or bags. This also slightly brightens my eye area in a believable way. 

Ok, this does and doesn't crease. Confused yet? Ha ha! This doesn't crease on when I wear makeup on my off days, and it also doesn't crease as long as I have a short day at work. It DOES crease if I have a longer day at work because I end up smiling so much (especially if I work the front Stewardess position - the one who says Hi and Goodbye to everyone). But that's a fairly easy fix if I reapply, but this second application I do need to add a touch more eye cream and also use a soft brush to blend out…otherwise it looks a bit caked on. Well maybe that's not such an easy or quick fix, but at least it can be worked with! 

So that's why I've decided to keep this…it works pretty well much of the time, and I'd rather at least have this option than nothing at all. But if anyone out there has another suggestion, please let me know!!


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