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Currently On My Bedside...

Back at the end of October, the lovely woman behind Indigo Kir Royale let us sneak a peek into her nightstand essentials in the post, Currently On My Bedside…  (HERE). I loved her post, and am always in awe of the pretty things people keep by their bed. I was shocked when I saw my name at the end of her post, asking to show my essentials as well :-)  Thank you so much for asking me to do this post!!!

Admittedly, I didn't do this post for awhile because I don't find my nightstand particularly interesting. I'd love it to be prettier with plants or something, or even more product…but we don't get much light in the bedroom in which to keep anything green, and I apply all products in the bathroom before getting into bed. All that said, my nightstand is more function than anything else ha ha!! 

But but but!!! I recently cleaned out a bunch of candle jars and decided to use one on my nightstand. I also got a couple of mini candles that I placed there too. For the moment, this is about as pretty as it's gonna get…so figured it was time to do the post!! 

See…simple and functional LOL :-)  Can you imagine this picture without the candles because that's how bare it was. Oh, and I put in a nicer tissue holder too…it used to just be the box!

I ALWAYS have a glass of water by the bed…I drink right before bed time and occasionally drink in the middle of the night. Evidently I'm afraid of dying of thirst in my sleep?! The snowflake coaster is there all year round btw ha ha! Outside of my skincare routine, I don't use tissue much but in my head it seems like something one should keep by the bed.

And there's always a book, whether I'm actively reading it or not I like to have something there to remind me to read. This particular title I also keep on my Kindle, but it's such a fantastic book that I like to keep it here to remind me what it's about. Quiet, by Susan Cain…I haven't finished it yet, but at almost every turn I go, wow that's how I feel. Might be a crazy thing to say, but so far I'm thinking it's a must read for most people on this planet…then maybe we could focus more on contemplation and thoughtfulness rather than what's out there now. Then again, despite how I may or may not appear in my online personality I am someone who prefers silence to most things :-)

This big candle jar I cleaned out I'm really liking because it's very hefty glass and can withstand pretty much anything I put in it. It holds a flashlight, various pens (including a Space Pen!) and Sharpies, old Tide Stick that probably needs replacing, nail file and I think a furniture polish marker LOL 

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, review HERE. If I had a dog I might love this more than my dog. JUST KIDDING :-)  But I do love this stuff…I'm pretty sure I spray this way more than necessary, but I can't get enough of it. This is my second bottle! 

Behold the mini-est of the mini Diptyque candles, courtesy of the recent Diptyque site GWP where you could receive these 2 treats with any purchase. Yeah you read that right…any purchase. I had never smelled either of these 2 candles, so thought it would be a really good opportunity! I don't dare burn these yet, as I'm still enjoying the newness of them. Plus Feu de Bois gives off so much scent even without burning and it smells Holy amazing…seriously when it came out of the package I took several whiffs before handing over to Mr. G and he probably said OH MY GAWD 100 times. Not really. But he did say it so much I started laughing because I never thought he'd care enough about a candle to say anything other than it smelled good! We've since purchased the bigger mini Feu de Bois when SpaceNK had the $10 coupon for their reward members. 

Oranger is nice, but not sure it's one I would buy?? We'll see how it goes when it gets burned! But it is a nice background to Feu de Bois, not that FdB even remotely needs it. Really…I think Feu de Bois is my favorite candle ever. 

I won't tag anyone specifically, but if you do a Currently On My Bedside post I'd love to read it…so please let me know…or just tell me about your bedside essentials in the comments! And again, a big Thank You to Indigo Kir Royale!!! xo


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