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My Basic Face

I've been known lately to walk out the door in nothing more than powder and lipgloss. Way lazy. But part of that is I've also been feeling really good about my skin, and am much more comfortable saying, eh…who cares! Nonetheless, powder and lipgloss does not a good post make! Instead I thought I'd show you what I've been wearing lately when I'm short on time, but still want to look nice! Ok, I suppose it's more of a no makeup makeup look, but it's my go-to when I want to look presentable :-)

***All products purchased by me. Non-affiliate links included.***

Sayuki Custom Foundation - Review HERE. I wasn't crazy about this foundation from initial use and until writing the review, and I stopped using it for awhile. I started again when my Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation was looking a bit too dark, and voila - perfect match!!! When I had used it previously I felt it was too light and made look a little too pale. I'm still not crazy about the coverage, but since I'm not dealing with as many blemishes it's been ok. I really like the finish now though…it's super natural looking, and not flat. I wouldn't say it's luminous or anything, but rather nice and natural. Now I'm on a mission to finish this bottle. Someday. Ha ha :-)  I'm still not sure if I'll get this foundation again, but if I do get Sayuki I'd be interested in checking out their other foundation choices instead!

Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick in 2.5 Warm Sand - This has been a great little workhorse, and I love that I can use it as both a foundation and concealer. As a foundation it's too dark at the moment, but I did use it a number of times in the Spring and Summer. I do however, still use this as a concealer. While it might be too dark for an entire foundation face, it's the perfect color for hiding minimal blemishes and redness. I wouldn't say it's the absolute best concealer, but it gets the job done and it's quick! 

Guerlain Wulong Compact with Voyage Refill - Review HERE (review is with the actual Wulong powder). I'm sure I've mentioned all too often how much I miss the Wulong powder, and if anyone ever finds out that they start producing the refill PLEASE LET ME KNOOOOOW!!! LOL! The Wulong powder had just the right amount of beige to look absolutely perfect on my skin tone. For now I make do with the Voyage refill…it's a very close second and I'm very happy with it - ok I have no choice but to be happy because it's all I've got ha ha. What makes Voyage a second and not identical to Wulong is it doesn't have as much beige in it, so it's not as flattering as I know it could be. Imperceptible to anyone but me, I'm sure…but we all know that ol' song! BUT on a very good note, I prefer this to the regular Meteorites ballz and have since purged them.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Bronzing Glow Powder in At Goldcombe Bay - Review HERE. Absolutely love this bronzer!!! I love the dimension it adds when layered with blush, and on its own its just as gorgeous. It's the perfect bronzer color for my skin tone, and like to wear it alone sometimes when I want to do a strong lip. 

Rouge Bunny Rouge Original Skin Blush in Gracilis - Review HERE. I've been preferring my RBR blushes lately because they are so small and easy to travel with. And Gracilis can transform depending on whether or not I wear the RBR bronzer with it…great for looking good with a variety of lip colors!

Sephora Colorful Eyeshadow in 44 Romantic Comedy - I've had this shadow in a couple of Empties posts. They've renamed and slightly repackaged it, but it's still the same color I've been using since last year. It's my absolute go-to, my lids but better shade! I know a lot of people prefer a slightly darker color for an all over wash, but I prefer this type of color because I feel it brightens up my eye area. Oh, and this is in my Holiday Giveaway :-)

MUFE Eyebrow Pencil No. 5 - This is the first and only eyebrow product I've used ha ha!! I didn't use anything until a couple of years ago when I over plucked and needed something to fill the sparse areas. With a light hand and eyebrow brush, it looks very natural. Maybe when I finish this I'll try something else…you know…for science...

Burberry Lip Glow in Trench Kiss - Swatched HERE. Despite the not so great scent, I've been wearing this color a lot!!! I said in the post it's the perfect color for my lips…not too pink, not too peach, not too deathly nude. It enhances my natural lip color in a very believable way…plus it's a quick and easy application!

Here are a couple of products that I don't use all the time, but are on the fringe of my basic face. Tom Ford shadow quad in Orchid Haze (swatched HERE) is such a wonderful palette when I want to take my eyes a step up from a neutral wash. Plus the lightest, upper left color makes for a really nice wash as well!! This particular color is great because it's super neutral and adds a hint of satin finish without the slight pinkiness that Sephora Romantic Comedy has. The last time I was in Sephora I picked up another shadow color that seems close to the Tom Ford (upper left color)…fingers crossed it's a super close dupe…hate to have a palette that's so unbalanced in usage because I've been wearing the one color quite a bit…OCD that I am! 

Guerlain Pressed Meteorites in Tient Rose - Was finally able to purchase these during the last Sephora Sale (THANK YOU Bronzer Bunny!!!). Wanted this compact because the KGD pressed powder was a bust - the finish was terribly matte and well, powdery looking. I really like the finish this one gives, but it doesn't keep the oilies away for too long. That said, I don't use this often - only if I have a long day at work and need to freshen up. Mostly Sunny Blog just posted a review today (HERE) about the Guerlain Les Violettes Translucent Compact Mattifying Veil…she writes that it has a finish that keeps her skin from looking flat, while also keeping her matte for much longer than these Pressed Meteorites. She notes it might not be good for dry skin, which I do have on my forehead and cheeks...but since I only used the Pressed Meteorites for my nose and chin touch ups, I think the Les Violettes might be a very good replacement option!!

And there you have it…the basic face! What are your basics???


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