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Chantecaille Eyeshadows, Part II: The New Classic Palette and Tiger in the Wild Palette

This is my final Chantecaille eyeshadow post! If you missed the first one, you can scroll down to the previous post or click HERE

Each palette consists of 2 eyeshadows, 1 liner shadow shade and 1 blush. I really appreciated the addition of a blush, and thought these would make great palettes to travel with. Ooops. Not so much. 

One morning I was in a hurry and had maybe 5 minutes to do makeup and hair in what usually would take me at least 20 minutes. Everything was going well, albeit lightning fast!! And then it happened...

inadvertently I had swept my blush brush across the liner shadow and blush (they are side by side)...I didn't realize it until the liner was already haphazardly applied to my cheeks. Oh. The. Horror. I really didn't need that mess!!! I did NOT have time to take it properly off, and had to make do with tissuing off, wiping the blush brush off and then carefully but quickly reattempting the blush. I doubt anyone noticed, but to my eyes I looked like I was trying to cover up bruises or something!! That was the last time I used either palette. 

So you could say...Gummy, dear...just be more careful!!! Sage advice, but not practical as I often apply my makeup all too quickly because I'm forever running out of time. Yes, I'm that person that no matter how much time I have to get ready I use every second up. Doesn't matter if I have 3 hours or 30 minutes...every second is filled. Filled with what I couldn't tell you, but I'm always left wondering where the time went!! 

Chantecaille The New Classic Palette, $85. This is an older palette (Googling looks like it came out for Fall 2011), and the only place I've seen it available online is Ebay. I purchased this from Barneys in Chicago during the Love Yourself beauty event in February, and for some crazy reason they still had it. So if you are itching to get your hands on one, I'd hit your local Chantecaille counters or call around to see if they might still have one. 

When the Chantecaille SA showed me this palette I about fell over it was so gorgeous!!! She kept gushing and telling me how her clients loved it and this is one palette that they would keep repurchasing. I loved the gunmetal-ish packaging with the big C on the front. Loved the big mirror. But mostly I loved how the shadows and blush looked!!! The soft shimmer and seemingly multi-dimensional color just won me over!!! 

Of course, this was the only one she had and no tester. It was not to be touched. You buy, then you touch. Same with the Tiger in the Wild Palette!! They were both so flippin' beautiful I couldn't stand it!! I couldn't decide between the 2, so I purchased both. 

Now, what the SA failed to tell me was that the beautiful colors I was seeing in the pan were an illusion. She didn't tell me there was an overspray. 

Edited to add: You know what?? I completely forgot that I googled these when I got home. That's how I found out about the overspray. Replica @ Visionary Beauty had a great post showing the Tiger in the Wild Palette without the overspray, but I didn't quite believe they would be so different in real life. It wasn't until I took pictures and started swatching over a month later that I realized the oversprays vs. product were so utterly different, at least to my eyes. 

In this pic I wiped away part of the overspray off so you could see how I was fooled. These colors are all still very pretty, but not nearly knock-my-socks-off as I thought they would be. 

Chantecaille Tiger in the Wild Palette, $78 @, or check your local counter. While this did not have a box, it did come with a foam sheet around it and this little satin pouch. I love that this pouch can protect the palette while in my makeup bag!! 

Here you can see some of the overspray wiped from the dark liner shade. Yep...not quite the same. 

Like the singles, these shadows are very silky and very smooth. The top 2 lighter shades on each palette also apply with a very silky and smooth touch with a hint of satin finish. They also blend well with each other and would work with a myriad of other colors. But don't expect buttery, don't expect creamy, don't expect melt-into-your-skin flawless, don't expect anything special or unique...these are NICE shadows, but not amazing. 

The liner shades in each palette I didn't like as much. They were a little less smooth and silky. And while I didn't find them hard and almost crunchy like the Celestite single, I didn't think they blended well. Whatever initial shape/line they were applied to my eye was how they tended to stay. I would have to carefully add a touch of additional color to try to smooth out the application, or get a different color all together to layer on top. Then again, I suppose if these are meant to be liners I shouldn't expect them to be super smudge-able?? 

Aside from the liner, I thought the 2 top shadow shades were sheer. The swatches below are all heavily swatched and they still look light. Considering how sheer these shades are, and that the liner was difficult to work with I don't think these palettes alone are that versatile. I think they would compliment what you may already have, but don't expect to get a ton of different looks from either singular palette. I think these were made for the woman who wants to look polished and put together, and who doesn't want to have to think about what she's doing. 

Now the blush colors I really like. On my cheeks I can't tell a difference between the shades. They are soft, but not powdery...silky...apply smoothly and have the most beautiful almost imperceptible satin finish that really accents the cheeks. The colors aren't highly pigmented, but that just means that you really have to apply a lot to overdo it. The blushes give a gorgeous veil of color that would accent many looks. 

Classic on the left, Tiger palette on the right. Blusher shades on the bottom. 

Part of the reason I'm wanted to put these palettes into one post is to show you how crazy similar they are. 

Here's a different comparison view. 

And closeups of corresponding shades in each palette.

Here you can see a bit better that there is some slight shimmer/sparkle to the liner shades. Once applied though, I barely notice it.

And the blush!! 

Would I repurchase either of these? NO. While I do like the blush a great deal, I don't think that's good enough reason to buy an expensive palette. Also, there's an undertone to the eyeshadows that's not right on my skin tone. It's almost a tinny in tin metal...but not metallic as in shimmery. Hard to explain and you can't tell from the swatches, but I know it doesn't look good once on my eyes. 

If you are someone who wants, minimal and no fuss then you *might* consider one of these (not both as I think they are too similar, at least on my skin tone). But if you are looking for anything more then I'd look elsewhere, especially if you are looking for that creamy, buttery eyeshadow texture. 

If the single blush shades are anything like the ones in these palettes though, I think they would be worth checking out and swatting!!! :-)

What do you think?? Do you have either of these palettes? Do you enjoy them?


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