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Chantecaille Eyeshadows, Part I: Chantecaille Singles in Rose Gold, Granite, Sel, Mica, Titanium, Basalt, Meteorite, Celestite

Ha ha!! I did warn you that I was on an eyeshadow binge earlier this year!! We are nearing the end of my foray into Chantecaille...after this post there will be one more with a couple of palettes and that'll be it. Oh, wait I did get a brush but that post won't be for time. 

While I do absolutely love the Luminous Gloss and would still like to try Lip Chics...I think I've more than satisfied my curiosity for now, and I'm left with the impression that Chantecaille and I are just not a good match. I'll leave it at that, and we'll explore in later post!! 

Onto the shadows!!

Chantecaille Eye Shade refills, $25/.08oz

Chantecaille Eye Shade singles, $30/.08oz

Chantecaille Ma Petite Palette, $42/3 pan palette

Chantecaille can be purchased online @, Barneys, Nordstrom and SpaceNK. 

Colors shown:

Shine Eye Shade - Meteorite, Mica, Granite

Iridescent Eye Shade - Basalt, Rose Gold, Sel

Lasting Eye Shade - Celestite, Titanium

Chantecaille Ma Petite Palette. 3 pan. Comes with a small brush that I don't find useful. Nice large mirror though!! For the price, I'd like to see some heft. While nice looking, this is a lightweight the very least I wish they could include a velvet pouch to protect the shiny finish. 

Chantecaille Eye Shade refills: Mica, Titanium, Rose Gold, Granite, Sel

I think the colors are beautiful and most of them (except for the ones that seem like liner shades) have a really pretty finish. 

The swatches below are done with a heavy hand. However, I don't find these shades to be particularly pigmented - they seem to be a bit more sheer. This makes them very easy to work with though and they blend well, both into the eye area and with each other. Most of the singles are very smooth, silky and almost creamy to the touch (not when applied) but not quite there. At the same time these shadows are also a touch powdery. It's almost hard to overdo most of the colors. 

Indoor low window light.

Outdoor partly sunny.

Outdoor sunny.

Outdoor sunny.

Chantecaille Eye Shade singles.

Basalt has the same nice texture as the others, Meteorite and Celestite not so much. 

Celestite and Meteorite I have the hardest time working with and don't care for them. Celestite is hard and not smooth, and pretty much the opposite of all the other singles. I'm guessing this is used more as a liner. Meteorite wants to be silky and smooth, but it has some of the hardness in texture that Celestite has. 

Indoor window light.

Outdoor sunny.

Outdoor sunny. 

Overall I think these are NICE shadows, except for Meteorite and Celestite. Would I buy them again??? NO. 

For the price tag, I had expected these to be outstanding but I don't feel they deliver. 

I've come to love the texture of Rouge Bunny Rouge, Burberry and Suqqu - Chantecaille isn't even close. Again...nice...but you can find nice at a much lower price point!! 


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