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Burberry Goodies: Burberry Lip Pencil in Rosewood and Burberry Lip Mist in Copper, Rosey Red, Pink Heather, Field Rose...Lip Cover in Golden Peach and Sheer Eyeshadow in Pearl White

Here are the goodies I picked up during the Nordstrom Spring Trend Show in March!! Everything is swatched, plus if you scroll to the bottom both of the full sized GWP items are swatched as well. 

Main goodies...

Burberry Lip Mist, $30 @ Nordstrom, Saks, and Flagship stores

202 Copper

205 Rosy Red

210 Pink Heather 

213 Field Rose

Burberry Lip Definer Pencil in 07 Rosewood, $27 @ Nordstrom, Saks, and Flagship stores

GWP goodies...

Burberry Lip Cover in 29 Golden Peach, Burberry Sheer Eye Shadow in 01 Pearl White

Burberry Lip Definer in Rosewood

Burberry Lip Definer Pencil in 07 Rosewood

The Lip Definer...I loooove this Rosewood color!! It pairs really well with so many colors I have, and it's a perfect liner to layer with lipstick, gloss and balm to had a hint of something different!! I'm already thinking of a backup :-)  Plus it's smooth and creamy (but not so creamy where you can't get a defined line)...oh and it comes with its own cute little Burberry sharpener!! 

Burberry Lip Mists in 202 Copper, 205 Rosy Red, 210 Pink Heather, 213 Field Rose

Here's a closer picture to better show the difference between Pink Heather and Field Rose.

I don't think it's any secret that I am a huge Burberry Beauty fan and these products are no different!! The Lip Mist formula is really comfortable to wear as it glides on with ease and is very lightweight. It is also moisturizing with a slight glossy/dewy finish. These seem to be the perfect category between a regular lipstick and the sheer, balmy ones that have been flooding the lippy market lately. They aren't super sheer (which I really like) or balmy, nor are they what you would expect from a regular lipstick - they really are in the middle! 


Thought I might need to detail more why I think these are between a sheer balm and a regular lipstick. I do find them sheer on the first swipe, but when do you ever use only 1 swipe - I don't! After that they seem to build up a bit with a nice, light veil of color. So for me they don't stay sheer, but they also aren't as pigmented as regular lipstick...more sheer-ish but with slightly more color. Hope that remotely makes sense. As an opposite example, the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments are sheer no matter how many layers I apply...1 or 10 it doesn't matter. Then again maybe it's just me, or maybe because of my pigmented lips?? 

Also forgot

 to say that Copper is noticeably different than the other colors because it actually is VERY balmy that it almost seems like it should be in its own category!! Not a bad thing at all, just don't expect that texture from them all if it's the one you try first :-)  

***END EDIT***

These Lip Mist colors never seem overpowering and wear time is around 3+ hours with consistent talking. I find these a joy to reapply and they aren't so heavily pigmented that I feel I have to be super accurate or use a lip pencil. This is really a plus when you are in a hurry! 

AND I am so happy that all 4 colors of the Lip Mists look good on my lips!! It's rare to find 1 lip color that looks good on my pigmented lips, let alone 4!! I really do love the Lip Mists and all the colors and they have been getting a lot of love lately! 

The Lip Mist is just about the easiest formula and texture to wear, and I can add it to my list of favorites!! 

Burberry Lip Cover in Golden Peach

The Lip Cover is a lightweight lipstick and is just as comfortable to wear as the Lip Mists, but with more pigmentation. Application is smooth and slightly creamy, and this is very nicely hydrating. I find my lips need to be exfoliated and smooth before application...otherwise it tends to catch a tiny bit on flakes and dry spots. This formula lasts a little longer than the Lip Mist - I can get a solid 4+ hours of wear time with regular talking. 

I'll admit this Lip Cover in Golden Peach isn't my favorite, but I do think it would look beautiful on the right skin tone. Why? Because my pigmented lips make this color look very orange - and it's the wrong orange for my skin tone,  and I end up looking sallow and just really terrible. 

Bonus: this formula contains UV filters to help with sun protection! Oh, do note the Lip Cover and Lip Mists both have the signature Burberry fragrance, though I find it much less detectable than in the Lip Glows. 

Burberry Sheer Eye Shadow in Pearl White

The Pearl White Eye shadow has the same buttery, creamy deliciousness that the other single shadows have. I wasn't too sure about the color at first, but it sheers out and blends very well and has become a great color to use for highlighting and general brightening of the eye area!!

Partly sunny day outside, 2-3 swipes each. Sorry...Chicago full sunny days have been hard to come by lately, and when they do come it always seems like I'm gone or busy doing something else so I can't take pics! Will Spring ever come out??? Please :-)

Indoor window sunlight...this is the most true to in-the-tube color swatches. 2-3 swipes each.

I think these would be a fantastic addition for any Burberry addict or anyone else looking to start a collection!! Yay for Burberry!!! Yet another round of happiness!! :-)


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