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Update on Burberry Pale Barley and Blossom!!

11/20/2013 UPDATE: Looks like Pale Barley is available to order on the Burberry site, and keeps trickling into Nordstrom stores and Nordstrom online. Here's the Burberry link:    If you do order from the Nordstrom site and it has an approximate ship date in mid December, you might try calling a Nordstrom Burberry counter to see if they have it so you don't have to wait. If the counter doesn't have it you can ask them to order from another store for you. One of my friends also found it at the Burberry counter at Saks in NYC :-)   


11/1/2013 UPDATE (x4 LOL!) Caroline posted below that Pale Barley and Blossom are now available to order on!!!!! YAAAAAY!!! But it looks like they aren't quite in stock yet…approximate ship date for Pale Barley is 11/12/2013, and approximate ship date for Blossom is 12/17/2013. Still…it's something!!! Doesn't look like they are available to order on or so hopefully soon? 


7/18/2013 UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE ha ha :-)  Audrey posted in the comments below that she just emailed Constance @ the Burberry Flagship in Chicago...Constance told her September. Oh, the waiting game!!! Thank you for the news Audrey!! 


UPDATE UPDATE: Lola from Lola's Secret Beauty Blog has word these won't be back until closer to the Fall, which makes sense if they aren't actually going into production until June. least one thing remains consistent...that they are not being discontinued but rather the restock date is the thing that keeps getting pushed back!! They are really testing our patience :-)


Since I wrote the post 'Burberry Rumors Be Squashed' (HERE in case you misssed it!) about Pale Barley and Blossom not being discontinued, I've been really excited about getting them in my grubby little hands!! According to that information, those colors were supposed to come back in stock around the first of April. Since the end of March I've been checking the Burberry, Nordstrom and Saks websites everyday for Pale Barley and Blossom. Sometimes twice a day. Obsessy, much? Ha ha! 

On April 11, Suzannem80 commented on that post asking if there were any updates as she had been checking all those sites as well!! I called the Flagship Burberry store and they said they should have already received them and were expecting them any day. 

Well here it is almost May and no Pale Barley and no Blossom. Boo. Over the weekend, I finally emailed the Burberry SA who helped me the last time I was in the store. Here are the email snapshots!!! I didn't mention I had called before though, since I didn't catch the name of the SA I talked to. 

Sooooo...I guess it's June now!!! It's still nice to hear that Pale Barley and Blossom haven't been discontinued. Patience is supposed to be a virtue ha ha :-)  Hopefully they won't get pushed back any further though!!! But will come back into production in June...eeesh does that mean we won't see it actually in stores until later?? Well again, at least they aren't discontinued - though it sometimes feels like it. LOL! :-)

If any of you would like to speak directly to Connie from the Burberry Flagship on Michigan Ave in Chicago,  or email her with your own is her contact information:

Connie Stefanescu



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