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Swatched: Spring 2013, Chantecaille Luminous Gloss in Framboise and Pink Melon

Chantecaille Luminous Gloss in Framboise and Pink Melon, $34/.26oz @, Barneys, Nordstrom,, 

I purchased these during the Barneys Love Yourself Event and was super excited to try these colors after seeing them on Cute and Mundane (HERE). I Instantly fell in love with the colors, and thought they would be a great introduction to the brand for this Chantecaille newbie!! 

Shall I state up front that I'm already considering backups of these Spring colors?!!! Yes...I am loving them that much!

The Chantecaille site claims you can get 6 hours of wear time with these little ladies. I think 6 hours is an exaggeration, at least for me...but I will say these glosses last longer than any gloss I own. I can get a full 4 hours of wear time, and after that it's hard to tell because I've usually been eating/drinking/talking a lot or something by then!! LOL!! Ok, so given that last little detail, perhaps these do indeed last 6 hours??? Anyone out there care to comment?? Regardless, the staying power is pretty awesome for a gloss!

And look at these colors!!! The sparkle/shimmer is very subtle, and I love the way they enhance the beautiful gorgeous once on my lips. Even with my pigmented lips these colors compliment my coloring so nicely!! I can definitely see using these colors into the Spring, and well into the Summer...

Chantecaille Luminious Gloss in Framboise. 

The applicator is a flat doe foot that is semi flexible. It's a bit different feel at first, but I've come to really like it!!

I'm about to make a very big statement here: this Luminous Gloss formula is my favorite in my current lip gloss stash!!! Whoa!!! Yes, I just said that! LOL :-)  I like this formula better than Burberry Lip Glow and my beloved Chanel Glossimers...I'm pretty much in love lust with these!! I even like these better than the Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Lip Gloss (HERE - the Maifanshi Gloss though, not the Chiffon Lip Balm) that I just reviewed. The staying power is fantastic and they make my lips feel amazing - deeply moisturized and soft, just the right amount of glossy cushion, as unsticky as a gloss can lips actually feel better after wearing this gloss than prior to application!! 

Chantecaille Luminious Gloss in Pink Melon. 

I LOVE THESE GLOSSES!!! If you are a gloss aficionado and have yet to try these, get your booty down to your local Chantecaille counter to test them out!!! You need these in your life. 

I will for sure be looking for more colors, and in the meantime will be all mushy-gushy over these new gems :-)   


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