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Swatched: Koh Gen Doh Maifanshi Lip Gloss in Sheer Berry and Koh Gen Do Chiffon Lip Balm

Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Lip Gloss in Sheer Berry, $25/.25oz

Koh Gen Do Chiffon Lip Balm, $30/.35oz

Maifanshi Lip Gloss available at Barneys and, Chiffon Lip Balm available at Barneys.

Okay...I'm kind of enamored with the Koh Gen Do line and have been looking for excuses to try other products aside from the Cleansing Spa Water (which I LOVE)!! 

Here is Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Lip Gloss in Sheer Berry!! It is very moisturizing, comfortable to wear and gives my lips a healthy dollop of sheer color. It doesn't feel heavy and has a slightly above average wear time for a gloss - I can sometimes get 3+ hours out of it, though it does need to be reapplied after eating or drinking. This also looks beautiful layered over some lip colors that I've been experimenting with!!

From the Koh Gen Do site:

No artificial colors, fragrance, petroleum-based mineral oil or paraben.

Gloss and Lip Treatment in One! 

Attractive lips have to be healthy and call for a long-wearing gloss like a top coat that combines the essential moisturizing ingredients of a complete lip treatment.

If you have dry chapped lips with deep grooves or peeling, you don't have to choose between a lip treatment and a gorgeous lip color. Replenish your lips and enjoy a beautiful luster at the same time with our moisturizing lip gloss.

While I don't think this is a must have, it is a very nice to have...especially if you are a lover/collector of gloss!! I also appreciate that this is not something everyone and their mother owns! LOL!! 

And this is the Koh Gen Do Chiffon Lip Balm!! I absolutely loooove the little tube it comes in (see first 2 pics) - modern, yet so delicate and feminine! And I love that it's a tube instead of a pot!! The balm is clear, but the tube is baby pink (see next pic). Well it looks clear coming out of the tube, but once on my lips it somehow enhances my natural color without over doing it (claims to have 'natural color pigments'). It makes my lips look as good as the Rodin Lip Balm which has detectable blue and pink shimmer. With this I cannot detect the color pigments or any shimmer?? I just know my lips look nice!! LOL!

Oh, goodness...this feels amazing!!! It is so soothing, crazy moisturizing and feels about as close to applying water to your lips as a gloss can get!! Every time I put this on, I do an internal 'aaaahh' and smile to's that wonderful!! This does apply and feel a little more like a gloss and not a traditional heavy balm. But I really like this fact because it makes it easier to layer with other lip product. I absolutely will be repurchasing this!! 

From the Barneys site:

The soft texture balm glides on naturally to impart luxurious healthy moisture and elegant luster. Natural color pigments give lips a healthy glow and rich emollient oils treat lips continuously for 24 hours. Use during day or overnight as a healing treatment. Can be worn alone or with lipstick for extra shine and protection.

Have you tried the Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Lip Gloss or the Chiffon Lip Balm? Do you have any other favorite Koh Gen Do products?


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