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Review: In Fiore Complexe de Fleur

In Fiore Complexe de Fleur available @ Beautyhabit, $40/15ml

Beautyhabit was running a GWP of assorted new product samples with purchase, along with a coupon $ off for future purchase. Naturally this caught my attention, so I roamed the site looking for something add to my cart to make my purchase eligible! 

In Fiore Complexe de Fleur sparked my interest, and I could hardly resist after reading this description (from Beautyhabit):

A cellular renewal healing wonder for even the most damaged skin. Referred by In Fiore connoisseurs as “liquid gold,” the highly responsive COMPLEXE DE FLEUR is comprised of the 12 most effective organic and wild crafted herbal infusions. Active constituents are blended at a 50% concentration and are derived from rose petals, calendula blossoms, sea buckthorn berries, rose hips, comfrey leaf, and essential oils of Tunisian neroli, Bulgarian rose absolute, and frankincense from Oman. A silky base made of organic aloe and rose hip seed oil offers a high penetration factor, delivering antioxidants and healing nutrients directly to the cell. COMPLEXE DE FLEUR stimulates cell turnover and collagen production, bringing a youthful glow and radiance to even the most damaged skin. 

Umm...YES, PLEASE!!! I want healing power and radiance and glow!!! Ha ha!!

I'll state up front that I don't always do well with products that contain rose extracts, and actually try to stay away from things that have rose in the top of the the ingredient list. This one listed 'rose infusion' as its 5th ingredient, which is kind of a borderline area. Plus it's not a hard and fast rule...sometimes I do just fine with 

really depends on the formulation, concentration and what the specific product is targeted for. Mostly though, the description sounded like magic and I couldn't stay away. Figured worst case scenario: it would make a wonderful hand serum!! LOL!! 

The texture feels lightweight and not sticky. It is absorbed within seconds of application and leaves a slight rose scent that goes away once it is layered with moisturizer or my oils. Usually the rose scent might be a little strong for me, but something about this particular rose doesn't bother me and I actually find it quite nice :-)

I found this to be only minimally moisturizing, though if you are very oily you might be able to get away with this alone during the Summer. But for a serum, that's to be expected! 

I used this for 2, 2 week periods only at night...had to stop using after 2 weeks because it caused some irritation. However, during that time my skin felt silky soft, and in the mornings my skin would look well rested and had a bit of radiance! I think I would need to use this significantly longer to notice any increase in cell turnover and collagen production. 

For my results, I think calling this product 'liquid gold' is definitely an overstatement. It smelled nice...made my skin soft...gave me somewhat of a glow...but beyond that I don't feel it made much of a difference. Especially at this price point, I feel you can get more effective products and have more $$ left for makeups or something else you want! 


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