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Swatched: It's A Rouge Bunny Rouge Party!!

This is my year to experiment with eyeshadow!!! I've mainly been a 1 or 2 eyeshadow at a time kind of gal...never veering too far off the MLBB (my lids but better) path. Every once in awhile I'll do somewhat of a smudgy brown eye. Late last year I decided I'd like to play with different eye looks, but found my super small shadow stash less than appealing. 

That's when I bought the Burberry Pink Taupe quad and then received the Chanel Prelude Quad. I still have yet to play much with Pink Taupe, but what I have tried I think I like?? Prelude is a total miss for me. I don't like the texture...they seem powdery and not so smooth. The colors are also very blah on me. The undertone is all wrong and I end up looking like I have old bruises to cover.

I think next up were the 2 cream shadows (post here). Then came the Chanel Spring Raffinement quad. The texture seems better on Raffinement, but I haven't worn it yet so I don't know if the colors will work. Keeping my fingers crossed!! Oh, geez...and how can I forget...sprinkled in the midst of all this has been the random Burberry eyeshadow single here and there!! 

Zuneta recently had a 20% off sale, so I decided it was time for some Rouge Bunny Rouge!! I've continually seen this brand mentioned on blogs and on Makeup Alley as one with amazing colors and textures, both in eyeshadows and other products. I've also acquired some Chantecaille, which will be swatched in later posts.

So...except for a few Burberry singles, I think I'm done buying eyeshadows for a very long time. While I *hope* to experiment and play with all these goodies, my gut feeling is that I'll love a few colors and stick to those. And then will come the blog sale - ha ha!! But I'm giving myself until the end of the year...we'll see how it goes!! Some habits die hard. I'll try though :-)

Now for the Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadow goodies!!!

2 of these are from Beautyhabit since Zuneta did not have them at the time of the sale. In hindsight, I bought way too many colors. But in my defense everyone I asked seemed to have different favorites so it was really difficult trying to choose only a few colors. Oh, not to mention not being able to see the colors in person and relying on blog swatches! Plus I saw the word SALE. You know how that goes. It's like saying Gift With Purchase!!! LOL!!

RBR @ Zuneta HERE

RBR @ Beautyhabit HERE

RBR online boutique HERE

After swatching the shadows, there are a few colors I (unfortunately) already don't care for. I'll try to use them, but I'm not getting my hopes up. I will say this though...the texture is outstanding!!! Soft, buttery (almost creamy?), silky, pigmented, blendable, buildable...seriously wonderful. The matte shades seem to have a slightly more creamy/silky texture than the others. I can see why there are so many devoted fans!!! 

This is the Rouge Bunny Rouge packaging. One side of the box is the logo the other side is the floaty bird fairy creature :-)  Some of these are older and some are newer colors. The newer colors live in a smaller container, so you get a little less product for the same price as the older colors - .071 vs .084oz (2 vs 2.4g). 

You can get refills too, but these singles come in the cute (albeit no frills) little container. Regular price on these singles is $27. Only $2 less than Burberry singles, but the Burberry packaging is much, much nicer and more substantial. With Burberry I feel as though I'm getting my money's worth. I don't feel I'm getting as much with this packaging, but it is nicer than some other brands that are in the same price range or even higher. 

L-R: Abssynian Catbird, Eclipse Eagle, Delicate Hummingbird, Volcano Fairy-Wren

Eclipse Eagle is one of their newest shades, and is one I had to order on Beautyhabit. For an in-depth review and more swatches, please see my friend Bellyhead over at Wondegondigo!! 

Please note...if any of the swatches look patchy or uneven, it is completely the fault of the swatch-er and not the swatch-ee. These RBR shadows are nothing but smoooooth!!! Oh, and do keep in mind, my skin tone tends to make things look warmer than they may appear in the pan or on your own skin.

L-R: Bashful Flamingo, Unforgettable Oriole, Bohemian Waxing, Solstice Halcyon

L-R: Blackpepper Jay, Trumpeter Koel, Grey Go-Away Lourie

What do you think of the colors?? Any catch your eye? Are you already a Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadow lover - what are your favorites?!!!


Empties: February 2013

Sephora Collection Pro Precision Smudge Brush and I.T. Smudge Shadow Brush