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Sephora Collection Pro Precision Smudge Brush and I.T. Smudge Shadow Brush

I've realized recently that most of my makeup brushes aren't quite working for me anymore, and have been on somewhat of a brush binge ever since!! It started by purchasing the infamous MAC 217...these were the next 2: 

Sephora Collection Pro Precision Smudge Brush, $18

Sephora Collection I.T. Smudge Shadow Brush, $22

In the interest of full disclosure, I returned these shortly after I bought them. They weren't bad, but I didn't love them. And after getting 3 of the Tom Ford eye brushes I found they were redundant and I knew I wouldn't use them enough to warrant keeping them!!! 

I really wanted to show these because I absolutely loved that they came with a cover to protect the bristles!!! Not only do these little covers 

protect, but they also run double function as a stand (see the flat bottom?!). I live a good chunk of my life out of a suitcase, and no matter what I use to hold brushes it seems they always get a little smushed. But not with these little cases!! I really wish Sephora sold these 

separately...maybe someday...please??!!

And a few pics to show you what the brushes are like...

The I.T. Smudge Shadow Brush is made of pony, and the Pro Precision Smudge Brush is made of pony and goat hair. The I.T. brush head is very short and the hairs are dense. The Pro Precision brush head feels denser toward the base, but has more give as it tapers to the tip. 

In the end these both got the smudge job done, but again I did not love them. I found the I.T. brush to be a bit too dense or too short (not sure which one?), making it seem not as soft as it could be especially with how it felt along the lower lash line. The Pro Precision brush was softer, but I did not like it nearly as much as the Tom Ford brushes - both in feel and function!!

I do apologize...I'm not a brush aficionado and would not even begin to know how to give an in depth brush review!!! I do hope to learn though, so stay tuned as I continue along my makeup brush journey :-)  Mainly I wanted to show you the awesome little brush covers!!! LOL!!! SEPHORA...again, I hope you are listening and start selling the covers separately!!! Pretty please!!!

Do you have any favorite brush recommendations?

Oh, and in case anyone wants to know - I am wearing Yummy Mummy nail polish by butter LONDON in the pics. I loooooove this color!!!


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