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Empties: February 2013


 1 & 2. Chantecaille Retinol Body Treatment with Rose and Edelweiss - This was more lotion-y than I expected. I dunno...but thinking Chantecaille I automatically assumed it would be super luxe and creamy and thick. Not so. It's a little on the runny side of lotion, and I needed a lot less than I expected per application. It spreads beautifully though, and is indeed very moisturizing. I went ahead and used both sample tubes in a row, which equalled a little over 4 applications. Normal people could probably squeeze more out, but I like to use a lot when it comes to body moisturizing products. With the lighter consistency I think this would be great for the Summer. 

I used both tubes in a row to see if I would notice a difference in skin softness and texture from my CeraVe Cream. Honestly my skin felt and looked the same. If used continuously for awhile you might notice a difference from the Retinol. Or if you are someone who doesn't normally exfoliate and moisturize your body, I'm sure you would see a big improvement. However, I've exfoliated, moisturized and generally have taken really good care of the skin on my body for longer than I can remember and it takes quite a lot for a body product to impress me. 

Also, being Chantecaille, I expected this to smell REALLY good. This is actually the first Chantecaille product I've ever tried so I had high expectations given the reputation and the price. Eeeesh...I was sorely disappointed on the smelling good front! I thought this smelled almost plastic-y and unnatural.  And while not unpleasant, it did not leave me wanting more!! Will not be purchasing. 

3. Tatcha Gentle Rice Enzyme Powder - While I love the Tatcha Classic, the Gentle version is too gentle for me and I don't feel it did much other than leave my skin really soft. Soft is good though!!! Will not be purchasing.

4. Tatcha Classic Rice Enzyme Powder Review HERE

5. Paula's Choice 2% Beta Hydroxy Acid Liquid - I didn't make it long enough to see if this was effective or not...I HATED how it felt on my skin and immediately washed it off. It felt slick and heavy (for a serum) and as though it sat on my skin instead of sinking in. I had a few samples of this and have promptly put the rest in a bag to give away. Will not purchase!!

6. Perfekt Lip Perfection Gel in Melrose - Ooooh, I absolutely loved this color!!! It also felt so light and very moisturizing!!! I did go online to purchase a full size, but after reading reviews decided against it. Why?? The reviews mentioned the strange shape that the product was dispensed from. So instead of a hole that you can normally squeeze a bit from, it's a flower. Several reviewers said it made application from the tube an uneven mess, and felt strange on the lips. I could envision exactly what they were talking about, and I know it would bug me. *sigh* I really wanted this!!

7. Boscia Luminizing Black Mask - I was able to get about 2 1/2 applications from this tube. You have to put it on quite thick, otherwise it's too thin and difficult to peel off. I don't feel this brightened. This did help with oil though. For a couple of days afterward my semi oily chin and nose were significantly less oily to the point where those areas almost felt dry. So if you are super oily, you might really like this mask a lot!!! What I didn't face felt stripped. And you know how your skin feels when you peel a piece of scotch tape from your skin? It feels something like that when you peel this mask from your skin and for whatever reason that sensation stayed with me for several hours. It was uncomfortable and I would not purchase this. 

8. Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser - I've wanted to try Tata Harper products for a very long time and was super excited to see this sample in an online order. I don't know if this exfoliated or not because I couldn't get past the heavy feel and film it left on my skin. It was so bad I had to cleanse twice with a different cleanser to get it all off. Will not purchase, but I'm still interested to try other Tata Harper products!!

9. Dr. Macrene 37 Extreme Actives Extra Rich High Performance Anti-Aging Cream - You know what?!!! Until typing out the long product name I didn't realize this was a regular cream...I thought it was an EYE cream!!! LOL!! Oh, well! I thought this felt too silicone-y around my eyes and I couldn't finish the I know I wouldn't have liked it on my face. Will not purchase. 

10. Jo Malone Earl Grey and Cucumber - I really, really like this fragrance a lot and have purchased the full size. It won't be here for over a week though, as the SA was nice enough to ring up the purchase when Nordstrom is having their Spring Trend Event GWP. And you know how much I like a GWP!! It smells fresh and different and I love how it layers with the new Jo Malone LE Redcurrent and Cream Fragrance!!

11. Tocca Grapefruit Cucumber Body Cream - Oh, boy this felt delicious and luxe on the skin!!! I wasn't a huge fan of the scent, but I definitely wouldn't hesitate to try a different scent!! It wasn't super thick, but it was very rich and extremely moisturizing. It took a little longer to sink in than I'm used to, but I would still consider purchasing a full size. 

More samples and smaller containers

1. Kate Somerville ExfoliKate - Love, love, love...I've said it many times and continue to repurchase :-)  

2. Aquaphor Healing Ointment - An all around amazing ointment to have around at all times. Makes a great balm, and is fantastic to help heal cuts and scrapes. I like it better than Neosporin or Polysporin because it is a little thicker. I have and will continue to repurchase.

3. Amika Nourishing (Hair) Mask - I used a sample of this awhile back (Empties post here) and purchased 2 of these smaller sized tubes. I absolutely loved the sample, but for whatever reason don't feel the same when trying the fuller sized product. I have one more tube to use up and after that I don't think I'll be repurchasing. Instead I'll be on the hunt for a better hair mask. I want it to smell good, add incredible moisture and shine...and leave my hair SOFT!!! 

4. Avene Thermal Water - This has been in every Empties post since I started last October!! Usually I go through several cans of this in a month!! This month have decided that I get the same results from using regular filtered water I put into a travel-sized spray bottle. After a very long time of using this Thermal Water, sadly I won't be repurchasing. But I still think it feels fantastic :-)

5, 6 & 7. Rice Bran Oil, Meadowfoam Oil, Kukui Nut Oil Review HERE. I have purchased all 3 oils in full sizes!!

Full size

1. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Review HERE. This lasted forever!! LOL! In all fairness though, this lasted such a long time because I stopped using it for several months. Bought it back last May or June I think. I won't be repurchasing since I don't think it really made a difference. I know many absolutely adore it, but I wasn't one of them. 

2. Sponge Gel Katharistiko Review HERE.

3. Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water Review HERE. I have repurchased this!!

4. Avene Cream for Intolerant Skin Review HERE. This has been discontinued, and was my last tube. 


NARS Blush in Sex Appeal - I stopped using this for awhile and when I started using it again, had forgotten how much I love the color!!! It's slightly lighter in color and has a very slight hint more peachy in real life. This is just about the longest I will use any blush, since the sides start to crumble and I get frustrated with how many swipes it takes to get enough product on your brush. This is a really light color, and I have to use quite a bit to get it to show up. But once it does's fresh and perky :-)

Dave's Empties!!! Dave is my wonderful, amazing and super funny Husband :-)  Thought it would be interesting to see what the Gents are using...

1. Neutrogena Rapid Clear Foaming Scrub - Dave has purchased this many times and really loves how clean it makes his face feel! He also likes the foaming action and that it's not too rough - he can use it everyday. 

2. Carolina Herrera 212 Men NYC - I think we both liked this!

3. Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Daily Moisture Lotion SPF28 - Dave has repurchased this many, many times. It's not greasy and absorbs well. He also likes the price! 

4. YSL L'Homme Libre - He has another YSL fragrance that I really like, but I wasn't too impressed with this one. Hoping he doesn't purchase. LOL! 

5. Argan Oil from Posh Peddler - Dave has been using Argan Oil for a few years now, but since I turned him onto Rice Bran Oil we won't be ordering this again.

Yaaaay Empties!!! How did you do for February?!!!


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