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Burberry Rumors Be Squashed: Pale Barley and Blossom Will Be Back!!!

UPDATE: Please see this post (HERE) for updated information on when these colors will be back in stock...hint hint: now they are saying it will be back in production in June! Which does that mean in stores in June or it will be a bit later?? At least we are confirmed again that it's not discontinued :-) 

UPDATE UPDATE: Lola from Lola's Secret Beauty Blog has word these won't be back until closer to the Fall, which makes sense if they aren't actually going into production until June. least one thing remains consistent...that they are not being discontinued but rather the restock date is the thing that keeps getting pushed back!! They are really testing our patience!!

I went shopping in downtown Chicago today, and one of the main places I wanted to visit was the Mother Ship. You might know it as the Burberry Flagship store! It is FIVE whole stories of iconic check awesomeness...and if you don't believe me, see the pic below...

It was a rainy, cold and dreary day in I the only one that kinda likes these types of days?!! And even though it was a Sunday, the streets and shops weren't that crowded! 

So back to the point of this post!!! The biggest reason I wanted to visit the Burberry Flagship was that a little birdie told me they *might* have the Sheer Eyeshadow in Pale Barley. And if you've been following the Burberry Beauty saga, you will know you cannot find Pale Barley anywhere. Nor can you find the blush in Blossom. Rumors are all over the place but many of them center on these colors being discontinued. 

Fingers crossed and breath held, I asked if there was any possible chance they had a Pale Barley tucked away somewhere??? The SA said no, but assured me that IT WILL BE BACK!!!! He said the company didn't anticipate how popular Pale Barley would be and they simply ran out. I asked about Blossom, and he said it was the same for that shade, and it too will be back. He said they were expecting both in store around the first of April. He offered to put me on the email list to let me know when the colors arrived. 

Later I went to Nordstrom to see if they happened to have Pale Barley. They didn't of course, but the SA there said the same thing as the Burberry Flagship - that both colors were not discontinued and will be back around the first of April!!! 

I heard it straight from the Mother Ship, so I'm gonna take their word for it and not believe the nasty discontinued rumors!! If you are looking for a backup of Pale Barley or Blossom, or are looking to purchase for the first time...ask your local Burberry counter to put you on the call list for when these babies arrive...

With much love, 

Your friendly neighborhood Burberry Beauty Addict , Gummy


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