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Mini Review: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Mood and Dim

Ok, this is more a PSA than a mini review. PLEASE PLEASE go swatch these before purchasing!! I ordered these sight unseen because of all the amazingly glowing reviews. And I've promptly returned them. Here's what happened...

Mood brought my redness out in a really bad and exaggerated way. So much so that it could almost pass for blush, except that it would be a blotchy blush color at best. In this pic see how much Mood brought out the redness on my was much worse on my face.

Dim seemed nice on bare skin, and actually I liked the finish. It seemed to blur everything out and gave a pretty and soft, yet believable finish. It seemed a touch drying though.

Then I tried Dim as a finishing powder over my Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation (I'm shade 2.5 Warm Sand). How can I say this nicely???? I can't so I'll be blunt. It sucked. It looked like I had applied bronzer over my entire face and it completely changed the color of my foundation to where it was at least a shade (or more??) darker than my neck!! Ugh. And I didn't even use that much!! I remembered other reviews saying to use this lightly, so that's what I did. I barely touched my brush onto the compact and then knocked the brush off before applying. I tried it twice. Still as bad the second time. 

My apologies if it seems as though I'm bashing this product. I'm not. I think it can be a beautiful finishing powder or highlighter if you have the right coloring! This is just a perfect example of swatch before you buy...don't let the hype sweep you up into Makeup Magpie Collecting Oblivion!! LOL!! :-)

Have you tried these? What did you think? Did you love them???


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