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The Skincare Diaries: Bellyhead from Wondegondigo

I am more into skincare than makeup and believe solid, effective skincare is the foundation for beautiful makeup application. Case in point: have you ever tried applying foundation or concealer to an area of dry, patchy and flakey skin? Not so fun! 

I've had a crazy skin journey the past many years, ranging from absolutely perfect skin to absolutely crazy broken out skin. Of course, hormones don't help. Nor do clogging and irritating products! Through my journey I've realized that everyone's skin is different. Even 2 people with seemingly exact skin types can react completely different to the same product.  All of these are reasons why I LOVE reading about skincare routines!!! I find it fascinating to see what works for some, what doesn't work for others, tips, tricks and everything in-between. 

Are you a skincare routine readin' lover??? Then hold onto your hats!!! The Skincare Diaries is born!!! Welcome to the inaugural edition! The Skincare Diaries is a series meant to quench our voyeuristic little skincare hearts out, and also to introduce blogs you may or may not know about. I also plan to post non-blogger routines to show what the rest of the world is doing!!

For the first read, I introduce Bellyhead @ Wondegondigo. If you don't know her or her blog already, and didn't hop over to her blog from my Help!!! I've been Tagged!!! post, then check her out NOW :-)   If that's not enough pressure, check this out: she's giving away a Tom Ford Enchanted Eye Color Quad. Click HEREfor details (pssst it ends February 15 @ midnight EST). 

Bellyhead Attempts to Wash Her Face

Until a few years ago, my skincare probably didn't even qualify to be called that.  Sometimes I had a random inkling to use some new thing or another but my inherent laziness generally caused me to slack off.  Many jars of potions and creams expired and were subsequently thrown away.  It was really into my late 30's that I noticed things, BAD THINGS happening to my skin.  It wasn't wrinkles, but a lack of radiance in the skin. Physiologically, as skin ages, cell turnover becomes slower and you sit with older tired skin cells longer.  On top of this dullness, my combination skin just bugged me: oily t-zone, dehydrated other bits.  I also had zits that appeared and sat.

So at that point in my life, I consulted a dermatologist, complained about my sporadic zits and dull skin.  She prescribed Retin A micro, a tretinoin product.  This changed my life.  First it made me hyper vigilant about sunscreen use.  And it cleared up my acne and gave me glowing skin.  The End.  

Actually, Retin A began my burgeoning desire to explore skincare more fully.

Here's what I use, more or less regularly.  I throw in extra things as needed such as Embrolisse Lait Creme Concentre 24-hour Miracle Cream, especially during the winter when I am plagued with red and dehydrated skin.



Bioderma Crealine - I use it to gently tone and wipe away extra sebum from my face.


Philosophy Purity - I recently purchased a GIANT tank of this, so I use this in the morning sometimes.  I actually find this a little stripping for my face.


Amore Pacific Time Response Skin Renewal Fluid - one of my major indulgences discovered in Korea


La Roche Posay Anthelios Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid for Face in SPF 45 - the texture is liquidy and about perfect for my normal sun exposure.  If I plan on being outdoors for some significant time, I wear a more heavy duty sunscreen.



Shu Uemura Premium A/O Cleansing Oil (The green one) - I've been using this for years and years.  I don't like the scent very much, but it feels light and really takes all the makeup and sunscreen off.  I love how this one does not strip my skin and make it dry as I've experienced with other oils.  I don't feel I need a secondary cleaser after I've used this.


RMK Cleansing Balm - This rose-scented balm melts down with the warmth of your fingers into a liquid which is then emulsified with water.  It's drying me out, but I have to finish it up!


Bioderma Crealine - If I am lazy and don't feel like a real wash with the oil or balm, I use this.  It is gentle and takes it all off, just takes time to work through water proof mascara.


Philosophy Purity - Like I said, I have a giant vat, so I have to finish it.  When I don't wear makeup during the day, then I just use this.


Retin A Micro - I sing its praise.  I only use it 2-3 times a week to maintain skin condition and keep the zits in check.  I do notice that if I stop using it for any long length of time and start it up again, I go through the dreaded purge period and major skin flakes.  So I try to keep up with this


I've turned into the covergirl for Amore Pacific Time Response.  It's dreadfully expensive.  I was able to score some favorable pricing by purchasing in Korea in the duty free shops where they are awfully sweet and nice about bonuses (hello, FULL SIZE items, deluxe sample sets or EVERYTHING).

* Amore Pacific Time Response Skin Renewal Toner - applied with my cotton to "prepare the skin" for the rest of the potions

* Amore Pacific Time Reponse Skin Renewal Fluid - a light lotion

* Amore Pacific Time Reponse Skin Renewal Serum - apparently chock full of magical potions to help you absorb active ingredients in the cream. 

* Amore Pacific Time Reponse Skin Renewal Creme - a super rich and emolliant cream I use in the winter.  I used the much lighter Gel Creme in the summer.

Typing this out is making me look a weeeee bit high maintenance!  D:

So how is all this expensive STUFF working out for me?  I ran into a neighbor in my hallway a few months after I started to use my current routine.  She literally grabbed my arm to tell me that I looked really young.  She was eyeballing me suspiciously.  She knew I lived in Asia and perhaps thought I had succumbed to some extra surgical help.  My skin is only really a testament to genetics and Retin A.  So say we all; so say we ALL!


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