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I'm a lady in her 40's who loves her beauty products! No makeup makeup is my game & pretty packaging gets me every time, though I'm willing to forgive that with skincare (but only if the product is effective!). 

I'm a Stewardess who prefers quiet spaces and places, but I could talk all beauty all the time! Please enjoy your visit!

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Open Skies

The Aurora from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo

The images in this video are so stunning and beautiful. I find myself in awe of how they might look in real life, standing under the canopy of the open skies. This aurora borealis was shot in and around a national park bordering Russia. Has anyone had an experience like this...I would love to hear about it!


Item of the Day!! Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment, approx. $6 for 2 small travel tubes @, Target and other drugstores ( has it listed as Aquaphor Baby to Go but it's the exact same product as the regular Aquaphor healing ointment found elsewhere). 

I count on Aquaphor for 1001 uses!! Ok, slight exaggeration but I do count on it for an awful lot:

*Lip balm

*For my cuticles

*Use on extra dry patches on face & body

*Brow tamer

*Wound healer & scar reducer instead of neosporin or polysporin

*If I'm feeling super dry under my eyes I'll apply a very thin layer over my eye cream at night

*This is a HUGE beauty no-no, but I am a confessed sometimes picker. Gross! Bad for your skin! But I just cannot help it sometimes. So after I have tormented my skin and popped a pimple I apply salicylic acid spot treatment and layer a glob of Aquaphor on top - every night until the mark disappears. I prefer Aquaphor to other ointments because it is thicker and stays on overnight without having to put a bandaid on my face. I sleep on my back though and never have my face squished against a pillow - hello wrinkle reducer! - so this may not work for everyone. This technique has drastically reduced my healing time, as well as the dreaded red spots and/or scarring. 


Really? I Wore That?

Closet Challenge!!