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Closet Challenge!!

Do you make conscious decisions when you get dressed or are you on autopilot? Are you stuck in a rut or dress out of habit?

Ding Ding!!! This is me! 

I find I'll put together some sweet combination, fall in love with it, then wear variations of that combination for one, two, three months at a time until I discover something else. Case in point: last summer I found a couple of really soft and cute elbow length v-neck Gap cardigans that were cuffed at the sleeves, one black and one grey. I wore these with a few J. Crew t's I found at the outlet. This combo I wore with skinny jeans or shorts and some cute flats/sandals and I was good to go!

So I  am challenging myself, and encourage you to do the same: go into your closet now and create 5 outfits that you have never worn before! Here goes mine! The only new items are the Madewell jacket and stripe J. Crew T I posted about last week...

Unfortunately the colors on this last outfit I could not get to come out correctly, with or without flash. The cardigan is actually more of a fuschia pink (not orange) and the lightweight chinos are a really dark military green. And, oops...the blazer in the first pic is navy and the blazer in the 4th pic is a herringbone grey...but hopefully you get the idea!

This was fun!  And a bit frustrating. I almost quit after creating only 3 outfits because I had come up with a couple of combinations I was not that happy with. However, I was encouraged to go on and ended up really enjoying it :-) Might I add, these are all outfits I would wear and have printed them out to remind myself of them later. 

Most of us probably have a lot more clothing options than we realize! Spring is finally here, so take the opportunity to do a once over on your wardrobe. Then I repeat my challenge to you: create 5 outfits you've never worn before...I'd love to see and hear about your results!! 


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