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Do We Need Sunscreen??

I'll admit...I don't wear sunscreen on a regular basis and haven't for well over a year. Maybe even two? I forget. 

And I didn't actually start wearing sunscreen on my face until after I started working as a Flight Attendant and noticed I was getting some pigmentation (I used to work in a mall with no windows so never was in sunlight during the day). I started slathering on european sunscreens, but always hated the way they felt under makeup. Then my skin started getting very reactive and all of a sudden everything started irritating my skin and/or causing breakouts - including sunscreen. I finally couldn't take the breakouts and clogs anymore, so I stopped.  Fast forward and I now rely on trying to find a good mix of antioxidants in skincare, along with hats and trying to stay in the shade as much as possible. Plus, controversial as it might be, I've read many articles saying that sunscreen (at least the chemical kind) might actually be bad for your there is that. 

I don't wear sunscreen for lack of trying...over the past couple of years I've tested out a bunch. I even have one now that's waiting to be tested! Hopefully, I'll find something because a long while ago I had my skin mapped at an SK-II counter and they showed me exactly what kind of sun damage I could look forward to if I didn't take some action. I had kind of a deer in headlights reaction, not really knowing what to say. I have wanted to go back to see if I've made any progress but haven't out of fear that it may have gotten worse??? 

Anyway, this isn't meant to be a post to tell you to wear sunscreen or not. Like anything it's personal and I'm not currently wearing sunscreen so why the heck should I tell you to do so! Buuuut...Mr. G posted the following video on Facebook, and I thought I'd share it with you. It shows what sun damaged skin looks like under ultra violet light, what non-sun damaged skin looks like under UV light and finally what skin looks like with sunscreen under UV light. It's pretty interesting :-) 


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