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Counter Swatches: Guerlain Fall 2014

Since seeing promo pics of Guerlain Fall 2014, I've been kind of lusting after a couple of the new quads - especially Les Violines. After depotting most of my single shadows (post to come!) and being able to see them all in one grand sweep, I've been very keen on not trying to duplicate anything I already have. So counter swatching I went! 

I was short on time and only swatched the 2 quads I was interested in, along with a handful of the new Kiss Kiss lippies. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to note the names of all the lipsticks, but hopefully this will give you an idea of the color range. 

Guerlain Fall 2014: Les Violines, Les Sables, Les Aciers

Store display

The counter had just received this, and it looked like I was one of the first people to swatch. I took this pic after I touched the colors, so any finger marks are the ones I made ha ha!

Overall, I was underwhelmed with all the colors after swatching them. They seemed not as special or exciting as I had hoped. Especially with Les Violines, I was thinking it might be worth getting it just for the dark purple-y shade (all the pics online looked amazing)...but after seeing it in person, it's a definite no. All pretty colors, but not quite what I was looking for. 

I didn't get anything. At some point I might get a Kiss Kiss, but need more time to decide on a color :-)

Guerlain Les Violines - store lighting

Les Violines - store lighting

Guerlain Les Violines - outside shade

Les Violines - outside shade

Guerlain Les Violines - evening sunlight

Les Violines - evening sunlight

Guerlain Les Sables - store lighting

Les Sables - store lighting

Guerlain Les Sables - outside shade

Les Sables - outside shade

Guerlain Les Sables - evening sunlight

Les Sables - evening sunlight

Fall 2014 Guerlain Kiss Kiss - store lighting

Kiss Kiss - store lighting

Fall 2014 Guerlain Kiss Kiss - store lighting

Kiss Kiss - store lighting

Fall 2014 Guerlain Kiss Kiss - outside shade

Kiss Kiss - outside shade

Fall 2014 Guerlain Kiss Kiss - evening sunlight

Kiss Kiss - evening sunlight

What do you think?? Did you purchase anything from the collection yet, or does anything catch your eye?


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