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Swatched: Tom Ford Lip Color In Reckless & Slander

I browse through the new beauty arrivals section on the Nordstrom app on an almost daily basis, sometimes multiple times a day. Sad? I like to call it excited LOL! day I was browsing and BAM I see 2 Tom Ford lipsticks that say the forever alluring, Nordstrom Exclusive. Yes, please...especially since I've been looking for red!! 

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I don't think I could get them into my cart fast enough - they instantly had me at 'Exclusive'. I assumed they were new, but later learned they were originally from the Fall 2012 Collection, both Limited Edition at the time. Whoops. If I had known that I would've googled swatches and not ordered both...because after looking at swatches one of the colors was clearly warmer than I wanted. Lesson learned, Google everything!!

Regardless, I still tried both colors when they arrived :-) 

Tom Ford Lip Color in Slander (L) & Reckless (R)

Tom Ford Lip Color in Slander & Reckless, $50 @ Nordstrom

I tried one color a long time ago, but didn't like how it looked at all so I didn't really get a chance to test out the formula before returning it. I have 2 of the Spring 2014 lipsticks, but I don't think they are the same as his regular lipstick line. Way long way of saying I don't feel like I've had a proper introduction to a real live Tom Ford lipstick! 

Tom Ford Lip Color in Slander (Top) & Reckless (Bottom)

I found both of these colors to be very smooth and pigmented. If I had the super power ability to apply my lipstick perfectly, then I would only need one get that much color! I didn't find these drying, nor did I find them particularly moisturizing. But they were very comfortable to wear throughout the day. I did need to touchup once during the day after eating, but I'd say that's pretty normal. But they both wore off evenly, so if you didn't want to go through the whole reapplication process they leave pretty stains to top off with balm or gloss. 

Tom Ford Lip Color in Slander (Top) & Reckless (Bottom)

In the tube, Slander and Reckless are both gorgeous colors. Reckless can look a little more brick red depending on the light. Slander is definitely the cooler of the 2, with almost a slight pink tone (again, depending on the light). 

Tom Ford Lip Color in Reckless (L) & Slander (R)

I was surprised to see these had shimmer. Yes, shimmer. But not the multi-color frosty kind of's a red shimmer that keeps these shades from being a flat matte. 

Tom Ford Lip Color in Reckless & Slander - daylight

Reckless and Slander in daylight. 

Tom Ford Lip Color in Reckless & Slander - daylight

Reckless and Slander in daylight. Side view to show the shimmer. This picture is the closest to how these appeared on my lips.

Tom Ford Lip Color in Reckless & Slander - indoor light

For some reason all of my shade pictures looked strange, even taken on different days. Here was the most color accurate I could get that was not in the sunlight. This was taken in indirect window light. 

Reckless was a no go from the beginning, though I did give it a chance. It was just too warm for what I wanted, but absolutely a beautiful otherwise! Slander was the one I was most excited about, but something about that shimmer didn't sit right with me. Not sure...something about the way it looked and reflected light reminded me of fish scales. Sorry! That sounds really weird but was the first thing that popped into my mind! 'Tis a shame because I loved the color otherwise. But yeah, absolutely could not get fish scales out of my head once it was there! 

Unfortunately these are going back, but after testing out the formula I'm now very much interested in trying other colors! How about you - do you have Reckless or Slander? 

Tom Ford Lip Color in Reckless & Slander, $50 @ Nordstrom


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