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Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders: I Can't Quit You!!!

Remember the crazy frenzy surrounding the release of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders early last year?? I completely fell into the hype, the marketing...all the pretty pictures...and promptly bought 2 colors as soon as they were available on the Sephora site. At the time I thought they were duds - you can read my original review HERE. I still stand by that review of Mood and Dim, though I'm slightly curious if Mood would have been better if I had tried it with my current stash of face brushes that might be able to deposit a lighter dusting of product?? 

SEE what just happened there. Perfect example of how these Ambient Lighting Powders keep sucking me in. I think I'm done and then bam bam - I'm in the Ambient circle again! 

The craziness never really seemed to die down, especially after the release of the Palette, re-release of the Palette...oh, and yeah those darn Ambient Lighting Blushes. After trying Mood and Dim, despite my better judgment and in light of all the amazingly glowing reviews I decided to try a couple of different colors last Fall. I purchased Diffused and Ethereal and promptly returned them after thinking they didn't do much (mentioned HERE). 

You'd think I'd be done, right? Wrong. 

Maybe it's because I didn't care for the Ambient Lighting Blushes (review HERE). Maybe it's because I STILL kept seeing (and still do keep seeing) the Powders on blogs and in videos. Maybe it's because of the idea I have of them in my head. Maybe it's because of the chase and because I simply cannot stop running after a carrot I'll never catch??? I'm not sure LOL!! But it's like this weird beauty magic spell that has complete hold of me and is determined to try to prove me wrong! 

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...and now I own 3 :-)  

It started in late February of this year (funnily enough very close to a year after my first Ambient Lighting Powders purchase) when I decided maybe I simply hadn't found the right color. After pouring over reviews I decided to get Luminous Light. Oh, boy...third time was indeed a charm and I am absolutely in love with this one!! 

This has earned a permanent spot in my stash of go-to items, and since purchasing I've worn it nearly every time I've applied makeup - even if I'm wearing nothing else but Luminious Light and lip balm. It's a bit darker than my skintone, so I apply with a light hand. I was using the Tom Ford Bronzer Brush to apply, but I had to be really careful not to pick up too much product with the brush and/or to tap some off before fluffing onto my face. I bought the Hakuhodo J104 Powder Brush during The Makeup Show, and have found it works perfectly with all 3 Ambient Lighting Powders - doesn't pick up too much product, and provides just the right dusting that can be built up if I want :-) 

Even though Luminous Light is a bit darker than my skintone, it's a complimentary shade vs. Dim Light (which looked like a bronzer that was slightly too orange). It's the right shade + it provides the most beautiful, glowy, (ahem) luminous effect that I don't get from anything else in my stash. It perks me up, and is just as gorgeous when I build it up in certain areas for different looks. I've also taken to using it as a no makeup look on my eyelids - it evens them out, disguises the little veins and provides a believable hint of glow. Luminous Light also sets my foundation really well so that I don't get the usual separating/cracking around my oily areas - this surprised me the most! 

So alone I love Luminous Light...did I stop there??? Nope. 

Enter Ethereal Light. Wait, wait, wait...didn't I buy this one already??? Yes. Whoops. I actually didn't remember trying this one before. Should've looked at my purchase history :-(  Anyway!

Thought I hadn't tried this color and the description and reviews sounded really good, of course! The second time around I didn't think it was that amazing, though I didn't find it at all drying this time around.  I was on the verge of returning it until I decided to try it underneath Luminous Light. Ooooh, yeah...that's NIIIIICE!! Ethereal provides an almost undetectable moonlight glow. When I apply it before applying Luminous, it helps counteracts the subtle color that Luminous wants to give me and I don't have to worry as much about overdoing Luminous. May sound time consuming, but the extra 30 seconds is worth it to get a really beautiful finish!

...aaand then there was Diffused. Again. 

What can I say. No excuses. My reasoning this time around is that I've been searching for a really long time for a semi-illuminating powder that will also help control oil. I don't want a matte finish, nor a velvet finish...I want super duper subtle glow but not shiny. Diffused reviews sounded like it might do the trick. I did remember trying this one before, and went in fully realizing what I was doing and admittedly feeling a bit bad. Given my luck with the previous 2 I gulped my guilt and bought it again. 

Round 2: I don't absolutely love it, but it's ok for now. It gives the finish I want on my t-zone, but I don't find it has oil control beyond anything else I've tried. I tested Diffused all over, but didn't find it any different from your average powder. For some reason I didn't get that super duper subtle glow on the rest of my face and it falls flat of my expectations and other reviews. So now I only wear it on my t-zone. It's not bad, it's just not amazing. I'll keep it this time 'round though lol :-) 

LOLOL :-)  All I can do is laugh at myself at this point and shrug my shoulders...I mean...actually I don't know what I mean I'm just laughing!!! 

Do you have a product that you keep trying and can't seem to get over or out of your mind? 


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