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Counter Swatch: Burberry Summer 2014, Chanel Fall 2014, Chantecaille Liquid Lumiere

It's been awhile since I've really shopped for makeup in-store, and by really shopped I mean with swatches and taking my time and the whole nine yards! I mainly opted to shop online, the result of one too many bad customer service experiences and plain ease of not having to go anywhere. Buuuuuut...the past couple of weeks I've found myself hitting the counters in search of particular products and collections to see in person. I didn't take pictures of everything, but the pictures I did remember to take I thought I'd share! 

As luck would have it, the days I took these pics were either overcast or later at night with the sun about to go down...but I always think swatches in different lighting scenarios are helpful so here goes!! :-) 

Burberry Summer Showers 2014

Overall not super impressed with these new offering, especially considering 2 of the products are completely new to the line. The Fresh Glow Blushes are stick blushes that are supposed to be made of 50% water - seems exciting for a Summer launch, no??? Um yeah, these things have absolutely no pigment and I'm not sure how they even remotely passed the these-can-be-used-for-cheek-color-test?? I guess you could try to use them for a lip balm?? 

But then you have the Lip Glow Balm for that!! These seemed to have a really nice, balmy texture when swatched but 2 of the colors seemed to be quite sheer. Please see Appu's review over @ Makeup, Beauty and More

The polishes were beautiful, especially the Orange Poppy. I didn't swatch them as my nails were painted - sorry! But Orange Poppy seemed more of a muted coral-y orange w/ a hint of gold shimmer. If I end up getting anything from the Summer Shower Collections it will be the polishes :-)  

Overcast day.

The Lip Glow Balms are on the left, and the Fresh Glow Blushes on the right. See how crazy sheer the blushes are??? And that's after really piling them on. 

Closer view of the Fresh Glow Blushes.

Closer view of the Lip Glow Balms. 

Chanel Fall Etats Poetiques 2014

My local Nordstrom hadn't received the proper display yet, nor did they have any stock (supposed to arrive tomorrow - Thursday June 19). I preordered a couple of the polishes and Rouge Coco Shines!! 

Overcast day.

I have colors like Viva, so I chose to get Confident and Intime. The tiny swatch above is of Pulsion shadow but I accidentally rubbed some of it off before taking a pic. 

Outside waning evening light.

Chantecaille Liquid Lumiere

These were beautiful and the texture seemed like it would be really easy to work with. These are very heavy swatches, but you only need a itty bit to get a gorgeous glow. I didn't get either of these as I'm not into liquid highlighters (I was mainly swatching them for a friend!). 

That's it!! Hopefully this is helpful, and I'll try to do more of these type posts in the future :-)

Thoughts? Have you bought any of these products or are you contemplating anything? 


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