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Project Make-A-Dent: Makeup, Vol I, May Update

Ah, yes...Project Make-A-Dent...I might as well have called it Project Doomed-From-The-Start because for some reason I couldn't get into it. I thought this was a fantastic idea (still think it is!!) - fun name and great way to focus on using product, and it was also started by the ever so beautiful and kind Lola @ Lola's Secret Beauty Blog. I've really enjoyed seeing my fellow beauty bloggers' progress (beauty voyeurism at its best!), and also really appreciated that it mainly focused on usage vs. finishing something off since sometimes that can seem a little intimidating. HERE is my original post and a list of participating bloggers. For the Cliff Notes version, Project Make-A-Dent is where you choose a few products to commit to using in hopes of making a dent in them - you know, that ever elusive mark that you have actually used something enough to visually notice ha ha!! Of course using these products isn't exclusive nor is there pressure to make an empty. 

Buuuuuut...I really had ZERO progress. What, why, how did that happen??? 


My main problem was that I mainly chose products out of a hat and didn't necessarily put any deep thought into it. I came up with reasons later, but at the time I more or less just went grabbing! See the big red X's above??? Those are items that were given away or went poof via blog sale. I used the Chanel lippies maybe 1-2x's each but decided the colors didn't work for me anymore. Or was that a subconscious diversion tactic so I wouldn't have to work so hard??? And that Hourglass lippie sample - decided after 1x I didn't like the formula enough to keep going so gave that away. Or did I make that up so I wouldn't have to have it staring me down any longer?? LOL!

The Chantecaille gloss - I wore it a few times and forgot about it in favor of newer and more exciting things. I still love the formula and the color, but eh...simply not into it! Ok, I'm not NOT into it enough to purge though :-) It's already got a sizable dent in it, so I thought I could actually finish this one. NOPE.

Burberry shadow - The infamous Pale Barley. Beautiful color, gorgeous texture and formula so what was the deal here??? I don't know!! I have used this a few times, but not enough to make a dent (so showing a progress pic would be pointless). I think my continuing eyelid saga has something to do with it...shadows in general I haven't been wearing that much. And the weird part of that is I'm still drawn to want every gorgeous palette and beautiful single I see coming onto the product scene (hello new Armani singles!!!). 

Soooooo...I can only laugh and hope others have much more success and determination than I have had!! Oh, Project Make-A-Dent...maybe I'll revisit you someday with a fresh group of products!! Until then may I ask how everyone else is doing??? 

EDIT: Now that I'm rethinking this a little, perhaps this was successful in some form because at least I was able to purge a few things. And if I do this Project again, I'll be better prepared to be more thoughtful about the products I choose :-)  Silver lining!!


Empties: April and May 2014

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